12 August 2012


Hey all.
The past 2-3 day shave been rough for me and Rory....
poor baby has a fever off and on and a very sour tummy :(
And then mommy caught whatever she had :(
So I've been trying to just take care of her and not worry so much about me 
but now I'm kinda like ugh.....I feel so sick,
and it's been so hard to get her to sleep so I've gotten less sleep than normal
therefore making me slightly cranky at hubster..... :(
For which I feel bad about,
cuz it's so not his fault we feel gross!
Then Andrew came home from work last night and said he wasn't feeling well
either and he had a fever too.
So we are now three sickies in one house.....
Sorry I don't have a funny post or anything exciting today,
I'm gonna go drug up and hopefully give something to baby girl
to help her fever reduce too


  1. Oh, man! I hope you guys all get over whatever it is that you have. being sick sucks, but being sick in the summer is even worse!

  2. Get better soon! Being sick is no fun.

  3. Man that is no fun at all! Hope that you feel better :)

    New follower from the gfc blog hop.. I'd love for you to stop by too.

    Have a great day!


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