01 August 2012


It's August?!
When did that happen??
I mean really...summer's almost over!?
Well, actually not here in AZ summer weather is from like March-October no joke!
But the season I suppose is almost over?!
Time sure does fly especially when spending all day with the cutest baby ever! ;)
Now these videos are just a sampling of her adorableness
(feel free to please ignore my baby voice hahaha)

Am I right?!
So cute!
Andrew calls her "The Cuteness"
and all these were taken with her on her "throne"
as we call the boppy pillow ;)
She's 6 weeks old now can you believe it!?

Anyways, seeing as summer is almost over,
I'm SOOO glad I'm not going back to school ;)
 No I'm not done with my schooling yet
but Andrew has priority at the moment for schooling funds,
but I'm not working at the school this year!
Bittersweet but I'm loving being home with the wee bairn
(please say that last part in a Scottish accent - thank you)
and seeing her change and grow!
I'm gonna miss my little chicklets at school,
but I'll visit so it'll be nice to show them the baby ;)

I had my 6 week appointment yesterday with Dr Tutt
and guess what!?
I've lost and kept off 15lbs since birthing her!
I am SOOO proud of myself,
now I need to shed another 15-25 off and I'll be at my ideal (for now) weight!
And actually this is super impressive since I've been eating crap...
but I don't eat a lot so maybe that helps??
And baby girl keeps me active ;)
Oh and I'm medically awesome according to my Dr ;)
Yay for swimming and being able to do more now!


  1. Yay for losing baby weight! Good for you :) And Rory is adorable.

  2. Oh gosh, she is a sweetheart. :) I love your pet name for her, 'The Cuteness' Too sweet. :)

    I am your newest GFC follower from the blog hop. If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside


  3. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!! Hahahah, I love your baby talk.

    And go you for losing the baby weight. You're pretty much amazing.

  4. So cute! I can't believe you're a mom!


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