30 August 2012

A small vent

Ok can someone please explain to me why
people think it's ok to re-arrange furniture,
vacuum, and
let their 3 gigantic dogs run around wild every single night from 11:30 -1 AM!?
They know we have a baby,
they've been complained about,
and yet it continues!

Also about 2 weeks after Rory was born,
we had a leak in our bathroom.
It wasn't a huge leak,
but it was right over the toilet so going to the bathroom
was not easy at all whatsoever.
So we called maintenance to come look at it to fix right?
They come in and they're so sweet and quiet,
admire the baby,
and look at the leak and tell us it's probably just something from upstairs.
No big deal.
Well they get upstairs and they had had a leaky sink 
and never said a thing about it!

These people also smoke pot,
and pretty sure they do prescription drugs too.
And to be perfectly honest,
I'm not even sure how many people actually live up there hahahaha
I'm sorry for being a bi upset tonight,
but when you have a fussy baby that's having issues sleeping becaue of the
huge dogs upstairs barking and running marathons,
and therefore you're losing sleep too,
you would be too.....
Common courtesy people,
just keep the dogs quiet at night!!!

I sure hope we can move.....
vent now over.


  1. This sounds awful :( I hope you can move too, it sounds like you need a better manager. I hope your weekend is better, fussy babies are no fun :)

  2. Oh man! My best friend is dealing with that now. NOT fun! I'm so sorry. If it were me, I'd keep complaining. Even though..that might not do anything :/

  3. You should get a sound soother for her room! Our complex is small but loud, and those have really helped our neighbors!

  4. Shoot! I would want to move, too! That sounds awful. Hopefully your lease is up soon?

  5. Your rant is completely understandable. :)


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