17 August 2012

5 Generations

I've already posted pictures that we took with my
great grandma (GG) cuz we wanted to get our 5 generation picture 
done in case she passed,
well GG didn't look her best in those pictures so a few weeks ago
we re-took them and she had her hair done and we all looked nicer ;)

And I have to share some of the cuteness with you!!

All 5 generations again ;)

My grandpa's face is priceless

With Grandma Bowler

We got a few with GG holding Rory but this was the cutest one
in my opinion, both of their faces are so cute!

She wanted GG to know she loved her

My family minus Elder Bowler ;)
(3 weeks til he's home!!)

Uncle Trevor ;)

See that smirk?
She knows she's stinkin adorable!

I love watching my dad with her ;)

She was chit-chatting with him about how hard her life is hahaha

 Then she got mad and hungry hahahaha

I'm sorry but I have one cute baby!
I can't wait til she has enough hair to actually do stuff with it,
her head is so big that we can't fit any of the headbands
we bought pre-birth!!

Now I need to find new ones that will actually fit! :(


  1. AW! I love this! I love watching my family with my little lady too. So fun. And you DO have one cute baby!

    And my shop's on vacation right now, but I've got some headbands you can check out! ;) You can still see them on my FB page. Perhaps I'll have to do a baby giveaway soon. :)

    -Nicole @ http://meandthem00n.blogspot.com/

  2. Love this! Adorable pictures, what a special thing to have!

  3. These pictures are great! And that's so sad about the headbands, but at least she's freakin' adorable either way!

  4. FIVE generations?!? Wow, that is amazing and I'm guessing so rare to have a picture like that. What a lucky baby! I never even met any of my great-grandparents.


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