30 August 2012

A small vent

Ok can someone please explain to me why
people think it's ok to re-arrange furniture,
vacuum, and
let their 3 gigantic dogs run around wild every single night from 11:30 -1 AM!?
They know we have a baby,
they've been complained about,
and yet it continues!

Also about 2 weeks after Rory was born,
we had a leak in our bathroom.
It wasn't a huge leak,
but it was right over the toilet so going to the bathroom
was not easy at all whatsoever.
So we called maintenance to come look at it to fix right?
They come in and they're so sweet and quiet,
admire the baby,
and look at the leak and tell us it's probably just something from upstairs.
No big deal.
Well they get upstairs and they had had a leaky sink 
and never said a thing about it!

These people also smoke pot,
and pretty sure they do prescription drugs too.
And to be perfectly honest,
I'm not even sure how many people actually live up there hahahaha
I'm sorry for being a bi upset tonight,
but when you have a fussy baby that's having issues sleeping becaue of the
huge dogs upstairs barking and running marathons,
and therefore you're losing sleep too,
you would be too.....
Common courtesy people,
just keep the dogs quiet at night!!!

I sure hope we can move.....
vent now over.

28 August 2012

Joys of Motherhood

Y'all I gotta be real with ya.
I love being a mom, I mean seriously I do.
I have one minor issue at times:
lack of sleep.

Yeah yeah I know I got what I signed up for hahahaha
And honestly, once she falls asleep for real,
I can sleep too but it normally doesn't happen til like 12-1 in the morning.
And friends, mama don't do well on no sleep.
Cuz I'm usually up at 9 at the latest and then I'm getting things done all day
so I don't usually get a nap during the day
and as such about one day every two weeks I hit a wall.
And I hit it hard hahahaha
Occasionally Andrew will try to take Rory for all the night calls,
but she usually has other plans - 
like "mommy is the only one that can rock me to sleep when I'm angry" plans.....

Every week Rory stays with her great grandparents for a few hours
so Andrew and I can run errands,
go on a date,
or whatever else we need/want to do.
The other week I really wanted to nap,
then realized all the things we had put off couldn't be put off any longer,
so the nap didn't happen.
But last week I totally got one!
A nice 4 hour nap ;)
Now I know why she's always so happy after a long nap ;)

Anyways, one of my favorite times
is bathtime ;)
Rory is now getting the hang of sitting in the water,
and we're teaching her to splash and she gets all smiley about it,
but for some reason we still don't like the idea of swimming...
might be the wet diaper thing...not sure...
I digress!
Bathtime is so fun for me cuz after we get her all snuggled in her towel,
I rub her lotion on which she loves,
get her all dressed and we just sit and chat for awhile ;)
She's so relaxed and happy and will just tell me all about her day
and how it went hahahaha

I also love when she's so tired but she refuses to sleep,
so I have her in the prime sleeping position,
and she'll just coo at me and smile,
then when she starts to fuss,
binki goes in and her eyes droop and she looks like a drunk ;)
And off to dreamland she goes.

I love rocking her to sleep humming Disney/Primary songs,
so far she really likes
"Baby Mine"
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
"When you Wish Upon a Star"
"I am a Child of God"
"A Child's Prayer"
I always feel so close to my Savior while I hold my 
little nutball and listen to her talk to me or watch her sleep ;)

I'm the luckiest girl on the planet.

26 August 2012

Q and A!

You know what today means!
More His and Her Q & A! ;)

His&Her Q&A

What is something weird that your spouse does while sleeping?
His: your "whimper" noise
Hers: clicks his tongue

Which of the 7 deadly sins are you? (anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony)
His: sloth with a good healthy helping of gluttony mixed in
Hers: sloth hahaha

What was your favorite hiding place as a kid?
His: anywhere I could fit
Hers: anywhere I knew my brothers couldn't find me

What music artist do you love that your other half hates listening to?
His: Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
Hers: Eminem.....or really any rap, sorry just not a fan!

What has your other half done lately that has made you love them more?
His: taking care of our little small baby
Hers: brings home comfort food when I need it,
and tries to let me take nights off with the baby ;)

What is your favorite hole-in-the-wall place to eat? (Or just fave restaurant in general?)
His: Serranos
Hers: I LOVE Olive Garden

What do you admire most about your significant other?
His: her lovingness
Hers: his humor and crazy attitude ;)

Ideally, where would you like to be 5 years from now?
His: Mesa.
Hers: in a house, probably at least one more kid and wherever we get money ;)

Who wears the pants?
His: We share.
Hers: I think we share the pants, some things I'm the boss,
other things he's the boss ;)

What is your favorite go-to YouTube video?
His: This video is the best

Hers: This may only be funny cuz we know the people,
but this is our youth theatre practicing the Mambo
in West Side Story but only the Jets needed the practice
so Marcus is doing the Sharks part all by himself just to give them the idea hahahaha


25 August 2012


So yesterday we had Rory's 2 month appointment
and she's doing great!
She weighs 13 whopping pounds and is 23 inches long now!
She's such a stinking cutie too!
Only bad thing is that she had to get shots yesterday, 
3 to be exact and one thing of oral drops.
Poor baby girl was not happy about it :(
Mommy wasn't either hahahaha
and did I take a picture of the cute Looney Tunes bandaids?! No.
I instead decided to comfort my poor baby hahaha
Then we went to Target for Andrew to get work pants,
and used our stroller for the first time
(again, no picture....I should be fired)
then we picked up a sewing machine that a super nice lady decided to give me
(now I gotta get it tuned up)
and in the afternoon she got spend time with GG and Papa ;)

She's been very sleepy both yesterday and today
so we've been napping A LOT ;)

 Now I'm off to tidy up a bit and get things ready for when she does wake up ;)
And get ready for a bath later tonight for church tomorrow!!

23 August 2012

Us Part 4

So we had made a pact not to be lovey in our letters to each other
because he was dedicated to the Lord for those 2 years, not me ;)
But I'll be honest, it sucked hahahaha
I had gotten used to hearing "I love you" and "sweetheart" etc
and knowing I was getting letters from him that wouldn't say those things
was not the easiest thing,
and by that I mean one of the hardest parts of this entire process hahaha

But looking back on it, it was the best possible thing we could have done.
It helped Andrew keep his focus where it needed to be
which helped him become a great missionary ;)
And I dealt with it hahahaha
I knew that was how it needed to be even though
sometimes all I wanted was some lovin ;)

So January of 2010 I got the opportunity to do 
an internship at Disneyland with one of my good friends,
only thing was that I wouldn't be able to come home til August!
2 months after Andrew came home!!
When I wrote him about it,
he basically said
"It's Disney, you gotta go! I'll come visit you!"
and so I did ;)
And it was the BEST thing I did for myself.
(yes mother you were right....there I said it!)
During the next 6 months I got letters and a couple short emails,
and then it was finally time for him to come home!

I had purchased a ticket to come home on the day he came home,
then that day changed so I ended up seeing him 2 days after he was already home.
But I digress!
So I'm at work when I get a text from Andrew's sister
with a picture saying "HE'S HOME" and I may have started to tear up
a bit in the Star Wars store hahahaha
Then on my lunch break Haley was calling me,
or so I thought....
so I answer my phone
"Hey love what's up?" 
cuz Haley and I were just that cool and I hear
"Actually this is Andrew...do you have my FB password?"
Insert my shocked face at both his voice and his question
2 years between talking and he asks me for his FB password.....
Don't worry, once I was off work he called me on his new phone
and we had a legit conversation,
though slightly awkward hahaha
then the texting started cuz I was leaving the next morning to come home for the weekend ;)
And he said he was excited to see me,
but I know we were both super nervous about how this was gonna go.
I got up extra early and did my hair,
had my roommate pick my outfit since I have no fashion sense
and she ended up loaning me a shirt of hers hahahaha
and I got on the plane with a text of "See you soon!"

And with that part 5 will come soon! ;)

22 August 2012

Fun Things

So the amazing Megan had a discount on her blog
a couple Fridays ago for a bunch of baby-related items so I jumped on them!
And I got this the other day in the mail!

Isn't it amazing?!
It's the Maddox from Carseat Canopy!
I wanted a gender neutral one so that I can use it for all my babies ;)
It's really cute though!

And I'm waiting on this to come!!

I'm seriously over the top excited about this!
I have my Moby wrap but sometimes I don't have time
to wrap myself all up and carefully put Rory in and make her happy,
whereas with this sling,
I can move her around much faster and easier when she's unhappy
in a certain position ;)

And soon here I'm hoping to get a little
bit of money to go get some new clothes and shoes.
My gigantic little pregnant self stretched my hips out even more,
my feet no longer fit in ANY of my shoes,
and my boobs have shrunk so new bras are a must.
Anyone have any good affordable places to get a bra other than VS?
 They never size me right....
oh and I need jeans cuz I no longer have any!
AHHH my wardrobe is in serious need of help hahahaha
so send me your fave places to shop!
(and please remember I'm not a skinny lady - I've got meat on my bones y'all!)

21 August 2012

Weekend Happenin's

My brother was over this weekend and we had a blast!
We watched Hunger Games including all the extras,
and Rory got to spend some quality time with Uncle Trevor ;)

She really does love him tons and tons,
and thankfully he changed a couple diapers,
fed her, and picked her outfits for both church and family dinner ;)

Also, when my brother comes,
my parents will sometimes give us some money so we can get
something fun for dinner which is so sweet!
So we decided to order pizza from Papa John's
and I HAD to show you my receipt of awesomesauce

K do you guys see the total???
Oh yeah so for $20 we got all that crap AND tipped the driver ;)
Thank goodness I had enough pizza points for a free pizza
which is the only reason why we were able to afford all of it but Trev and I had fun
making this huge order and seeing the total go down thanks to that free one!
We got all that soda cuz we didn't have any BTW,
and they were just the little bottles so don't worry - 
I'm not a total fatty yet hahahaha

And for more fun stuff here's the monkey face:

So funny!
And yet so adorable!

Me, Myself and I

Hey all!
Today I'm linking up with some awesome ladies for the
Me, Myself, and I questions ;)
I love questions like these cuz they help you see 
the crazy real person behind the blog
don't you agree?? ;)

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Broadway shows.
No lie, it's still my biggest dream to sing on a stage,
but I cannot dance to save my life or anyone else's!

If you only had 6 months left to live, what would you do?
Spend it with my daughter and husband.
I know, boring but truly I'd want to get as much in with them as I possibly could,
and hope that Rory would at least somewhat remember me.

If a front page newspaper article was written on you,
what would the headline be?
"Crazed sleep-deprived mother finally learns to dress like a girl again"
Hahahaha sad but true, I need a shopping spree!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I'll mention that this one bugs me to no end
"your", "you're", "there", they're" and "their", "to", "two", "too"
....use them correctly!

What is your favorite chick flick?
 Oh man I have to pick one!?
I love me some Princess Bride, tis my favorite movie ;)

You should link up too!


20 August 2012

Check me out!

I'm guest posting over here today for the lovely Bri!!
Go check it out!
Especially if you're a Disney fan!!

And for good measure,
here's a picture of my bro and me and the bug
with our Mockingjay pins ;)


19 August 2012

Q & A Sesh Bro Style

Yeah baby!

His&Her Q&A

It's another Q&A sesh!!
And for a special treat my brother is over so I'll give you his answers too just for fun!
Keep in mind that he's almost 17.....

Your house is on fire. What 5 things do you grab?
His: phone and child, diaper bag, Nintendo games and systems
Hers: child for sure, my phone and charger, my scriptures, my box fan,
and my purse
Bro: iPhone, can of Diet Pepsi, ok maybe a case of Diet Pepsi, iPhone charger,
my school backpack, and cheese balls hahaha

If you could be/had to be the main character of any movie, who would it be?
His: Aragorn from Lord of the Rings cuz he's attractive and awesome
Hers: ^Aragorn is def sexy
I would be Buttercup form Princess Bride ;)
Bro: Harry Potter cuz the chicks dig him.

What physical feature do you love most about yourself?
His: My chest hair cuz only real men have hair
Hers: my eyes ;)
Bro: my hairs cuz it is totes seductive

Tell us why your name is your name. And if you don't know, make it up.
His: cuz my parents wanted to pick a name no one else in the family had
Hers: From Karate Kid! Ali with an "I" ;)
Bro: credits from a rated R movie - think it was Cliffhanger

What is the greatest place you have ever traveled to?
His: Buenos Aires Argentina
Hers: Hawaii/New York
Bro: New York City

Are you a morning person or a night person?
His: morning
Hers: midday hahahaha
Bro: night person

Who is someone you wish you were closer to?
His: my buddy Chad cuz he lives so far away
Hers: all my Cali buddies at Disneyland
Bro: Christina Perri

What quality do you have that you hope your kids inherit?
His: my laid-backedness ;)
Hers: my crazy sense of humor
Bro: my insane amount of talent hahahaha

What's your favorite memory with a childhood best friend?
His: we played a 3 person game of Risk for over 24 hours and no one won hahaha
Hers: I used to spend the night over at Kirbi's house
and we watched Hocus Pocus or Godzilla
Bro: digging in Kelton's backyard and we found tons of buried treasure

If you had to move out of country where would you go?
His: Buenos Aires
Hers: Ireland for sure ;)
Bro: England and live at Hogwarts and be married to Christina Perri

P.S. My baby is 2 months old today!
Holy cow!!!



18 August 2012

Saturday Musings

So my parents and brother went on a mini vacation at the beginning of August to Cali.
I was SOOOO jealous!
They visited all our old haunts - except Disneyland of course 
but they went to Westwood and saw Dark Knight Rises at The Village
(theatre where my parents met) and got Diddy Reese cookies!
Visited Santa Monica Pier and the beach
and Olvera Street eating burritos and all I kept thinking was
"You lucky things you! Out of the heat AND in our fave places!"
But they were so nice and brought me us back some cookies from Diddy Reese,
a few little trnket things from Olvera Street,
AND this for baby girl!

 Isn't it SOOO pretty!?
A few people on the beach were doing them,
but my mom liked this girl's version the best
and for $1 a letter heck yeah!!
Once Uncle Trevor gets here today,
we're hanging this baby up!!

Also remember how I mentioned that we were getting another couch??
It's so heavenly!
It's comfy, long and deep!
Now we can seat more than 3 people in our living room!
And we were able to put the rocking chair in Rory's room
which helps when putting her back to sleep at night ;)

Yeah I know, we're eclectic ;)
If we're able to find a new place to live
(which would be AMAZING)
we'll need to make sure the living room area is nice and huge hahaha
see the bean bags smooshed in the back corner?
Yeah that's where they're staying for now hahaha

Also, for those of you following me on Instagram
you already know this but look what the hubster got me today!!

Can I get a WAHOO!?
(P.S. If you want to follow me on Instgram,
just know I have my pictures to private in case of crazies,
but if you request I accept you - as long as you're not a crazy hahaha)

Happy Saturday loves!

17 August 2012

5 Generations

I've already posted pictures that we took with my
great grandma (GG) cuz we wanted to get our 5 generation picture 
done in case she passed,
well GG didn't look her best in those pictures so a few weeks ago
we re-took them and she had her hair done and we all looked nicer ;)

And I have to share some of the cuteness with you!!

All 5 generations again ;)

My grandpa's face is priceless

With Grandma Bowler

We got a few with GG holding Rory but this was the cutest one
in my opinion, both of their faces are so cute!

She wanted GG to know she loved her

My family minus Elder Bowler ;)
(3 weeks til he's home!!)

Uncle Trevor ;)

See that smirk?
She knows she's stinkin adorable!

I love watching my dad with her ;)

She was chit-chatting with him about how hard her life is hahaha

 Then she got mad and hungry hahahaha

I'm sorry but I have one cute baby!
I can't wait til she has enough hair to actually do stuff with it,
her head is so big that we can't fit any of the headbands
we bought pre-birth!!

Now I need to find new ones that will actually fit! :(