30 July 2012

Us Part 3

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As I walked out of Andrew's house
with tears streaming down my face,
my heart shattered.
But as I said before, I also had a sense of immeasurable peace.
I hadn't felt my Heavenly Father's love so strong for me before
and it truly felt like He was giving me a hug to reassure me,
or letting me cry on His shoulder like any loving father would do.
That night I slept over at my BFF's house cuz I din't want to be alone
and we had our other friends come over for a bit too.
We ate ice cream, I cried, it was a great girls night
for me to get all emotional about everything and have such great friends
to support me ;)

Over the next year,
I gotta be honest with you,
I wasn't very social.

*Disclaimer again:
I have always kinda been a homebody until senior year
but then it was just with my small group of friends
and by this time 2 of them were married and one engaged,
so it was hard to get together anymore*

I actually only had one date during the entire two years Andrew was gone.
And that happened at my other friend's wedding.

  I really didn't want to go alone,
and my buddy (we'll call him J) said he'd come with me as my date
so I wouldn't feel so lonely cuz all my girlfriends had dates.
I was SOOO beyond glad he did!
First it wouldn't have been any fun to be all alone at a table,
AND he came to my resuce when I needed a friend.
This girl (let's call her B to make things easier) I knew from high school
came over to our table to say hey and we were all chatting for a bit.
Then the other couples went to get food,
leaving me and J to talk with B.
Out of the blue B says "So you were dating Andrew Mills right?"
Me: "Yeah, he's in the MTC right now but he leaves for Argentina on Monday!"
B "So what are you going to do when he either writes you off,
or comes home and doesn't want you anymore?"
Me: *stunned silence*
J: "Well I come home 9 months later and then I'll snatch her up!" (with a smile)
B then left the table.
I was so grateful he was there just to rescue me from hecklers.
Although he did actually mean that statement at the time,
which made it nicer too ;)

At his year mark,
Andrew sent me a tape that was meant for only me to listen to!
We had exchanged tapes throughout the year
but always with other people talking on it too,
so this was something special.
He talked about his companion and all the cool people he'd met
and at the very end of the tape
he said "I love you".
It was really fast, so more like
"iloveyou" *click* hahahahaha
But it made me so happy!
We had made an agreement before he left to not be all
"loving", for lack of better word,
in our letters to each other so that made the tape extremely precious to me ;)

Stay tuned for part 4!


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