02 July 2012

Us Part 2

I thought I should continue our story ;)
Here's part one if you missed it!

So he asked me if he could date me,
and I said yes but then I thought
"how am I gonna tell my girlfriends about this!?"
So we each took one to tell.
They took it really well considering that it all happened so fast
and they did have interest in him too.

After all that, I had to get used to having a boyfriend again.
I'll admit,
I had major issues at first.
*Remember ex-boyfriend broke me*
I was super insecure,
like awkward-borderline-over-defensive insecure.
Poor Andrew.
He would be such a gentleman and I was a horrible lady.
I would open my own doors,
kinda refuse any help whatsoever.
I was ridiculous,
yet Andrew was patient with me and just kept telling me 
that I was worth everything he was doing for me.
It took a good 3-6 months for me to finally open completely up.

When we got to 6 months of dating,
I started to realize that I couldn't be without him.
And that fact made me nervous seeing as he hadn't gone on his mission yet.
That Christmas he gave me Swarovski crystal blue forget-me-nots
because I said that his eyes were that color
and he wanted me to have something that would remind me of him ;)
I know, disgustingly cute right? ;)
And that's when we started discussing our future together.

We decided that we were meant to be,
neither of us had felt like this with anyone else,
and this just felt so right how can we ignore it?
But there was one pretty big thing we would have to overcome:
his mission.

Now I want to make something clear here:
Andrew was going to go on a mission,
that was non-negotiable and I told him flat out
that if he didn't go on his mission,
I wouldn't marry him.
Cuz if he couldn't commit 2 years to the Lord, 
how could he commit to an eternity with me? ;)
Yeah I know, one of my more shining moments I won't lie hahahaha
So as we got closer to him leaving,
we took every moment we could to just enjoy our love
and keep the pressure off ;)

One of our friends got married about 2 weeks before Andrew left
(actually it was one of the other girls that was in the triangle hahaha)
and I was a bridesmaid and Andrew and I really had fun.
It was also one of those days where
we knew what each other was thinking without needing to say it
"will we make it to this point?"

Those are two of my favorite pictures of us and both are from that wedding
(you're welcome Noelle! ;) )
As we were sitting at their reception,
we looked at each other and an understanding came to both of us without words.
We loved each other,
and marriage was what we wanted.

At Andrew's farewell,
I loved listening to him talk and hearing how proud he was
that he was the first in his family to go on a mission
(the men in his family went into the Navy)
and my family all came too cuz they knew how much he meant to me ;)

We look so young! 
He gave his farewell talk on his brthday and left on Wednesday for the MTC.
On his last day we spent it together
and I helped him pack for his mission,
yeah I was one of those girlfriends - in denial.
That night he was set apart as a missionary and I was there
being as supportive as I could be ;)
He had come up to me earlier and kissed me real quick and a fast hug
but I was the last one he hugged 
and I waited until I got outside his house to break down in the tears that I had
held back for weeks.
Yes my heart broke again but it was different.
I felt this overwhelming sense of peace along with the sad,
I know weird right?
It was like Heavenly Father was telling me
"Don't worry my daughter, he'll be fine
and so will you."

Stay tuned for part 3


  1. Awww, well aren't you two just disgustingly cute. And look how far you've come together!

  2. You two are adorable! And I love your header!

    Popping over from the hop, Im your newest follower and can't wait to read more!



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