01 July 2012

Sunday Confessions!

Yay!! It's Confessions day!
I love this day!

1. Sometimes I am a creepster and video my daughter sleeping
and crack up at her noises.
And I'm sorry that this doesn't do the crazy noises justice at all,
I'll work on it ;)



2. I have no idea how to use my Moby wrap....
and I'm pretty sure it's gonna be useful once I figure it out bahahaha

3. I have had WAY too much Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!
Who says cravings stop once the baby comes out!?

4. I'm terrified of balloons popping...
I shudder to think about it
*shudder shudder*

5. I haven't made dinner in like 2 weeks....
I know I hang my head in shame
I'll get right on that ok??
Stop judgin meh! ;)

Link up with Alyx!


  1. ditto with the balloon thing. if I have to pop a balloon, I wouldn't like that.

    hope you are enjoying your sunday.

  2. I know what you mean. I am TERRIFIED of balloons popping.

  3. I hate when balloons pop! The worst are those games where you have to sit on the balloon to pop it and get a note or whatever out of it! haha

  4. I hate popping balloons. And what? You're a new momma. You get at LEAST a month before you should have to start making dinner again. Put Andrew to work!!
    And as always, thanks for linking up!! :)


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