12 July 2012

Summer and poopy Blogger

I'm so mad at blogger right now! 
I posted this afternoon and it got deleted somehow!!
Grr so I'll try to re-create it as best I can.....

I mentioned that yesterday I got to spend time with my fam while Andrew was at work,
and mom, baby girl, and I went to Target to get a bouncy chair
for their house and walked out with other things and no bouncy chair hahaha
But to be fair and honest, the bouncy chair selection sucked at that Target
so mom bought her a playmat to chill out on

and after she was kinda done with it,
we propped her up in her Boppy for her to look around

And kept her nice and warm ;)
My cat met her for the first time yesterday,
well at least officially met Rory.

 She was thoroughly confused as to who this little person was
that was taking up her space on my lap hahaha

Then we watched So You Think You Can Dance
which I love!
I had also completely forgotten it was on!
A baby will do that to you,
but we loved the show and even though I remember no names
of the dancers, it's already gonna be a GREAT season ;)

Now onto a very important issue:
which Hunger Games watch I need to buy!

via / via / via

I honestly can't decide!
They're all so pretty ;)
So which one guys??
Or we can do a 
and-I-just-had-a-baby present?? ;)


  1. I still have your old post in my reader. I could send it to you if you want. It looks like you recreated it well though. :)

  2. Your little lady is so cute! All these pictures are just making me want to hold my baby!! Teehee!! :] And I love the middle watch!

  3. I read your other post! That's weird it got deleted. And what?? A third option?? Given my partiality to silver, I'm going to have to change the vote I gave on Instagram. I like number three! But number two is still really cool too.

  4. New follower via Blog Hop :)


  5. oh my gosh...she is just so cute!

  6. Your original post showed up on google reader! :) And I'm partial to the last watch; it's blue.

  7. Such cute pictures of the little one :) And all of those are such great pieces...I actually just finished the hunger games series this week! I love the memento :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Twirling Clare

  8. I like the 3rd watch!! I feel like it has MORE! (: Super cute!! And your little is cute too!!

  9. Like others, your first post showed up in my RSS reader. I've got to say, you did a pretty dang good job of duplicating it! Way to go you!

    PS, I like the third one!


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