31 July 2012


Does anyone else have a fascination/obsession
with new school supplies??

Cuz heaven knows I do!
Nothing is cooler to me than brand new crayons, notebooks, pencils, markers,
yeah even glue and tape, etc....
oh yeah!

Not to mention these awesome commercials?!

Makes me ALMOST sad that I'm not in school.
If we had the money I'd still be out getting those awesome supplies
cuz who doesn't need good things at a good price!?
What I wouldn't give for some fresh crayons and markers friends,
what I wouldn't give!

In other news,
Andrew and I have been looking at different places to live
seeing as our rent is about to go up in December
and we're hoping we can move closer to Andrew's work.
Dude, this is killing me!
This will be the 3rd time we've moved hahaha
(well I guess 2nd cuz the first time was just me moving in....)
it's just so time-consuming and I can only do so much on the computer!
But we have it narrowed down to about 8 places (from 22 originally people)
and sometime in like September we'll do some reconnaissance
 and find somewhere we can stay for a long while!
So keep your fingers crossed!

And maybe send me some crayons hahaha ;)

P.S. I really wanna win this!



  1. I love school supplies too! I just have so many pens! And good luck on your house hunting!

  2. ali! first off...i get giddy with excitement over office supplies. its dangerous to go down those isles with me at the store.

    second, if you are looking for a great neighborhood, decent rent, 2 bed/2 bath apartments in mesa you should move into our complex! we LOVE it here. no joke.

  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE buying stationary!! I find myself making excuses (because I've finished school and uni now) to get new pens and notebooks especially!!

  4. Bahaha! Only teachers get excited about new school supplies. :) Good luck on your move. I hope you find the perfect place because I hate moving too.

  5. i love school supplies!
    i have to keep reminding myself about what i need and not spending money everytime i go to the stationery store

  6. School supplies are exciting...school, I could do without. Oh wait, I am. Good luck apartment hunting!

  7. Loving your blog!! And you're not alone, I love office/school supplies, too!! Xo

  8. I also wish that I was still in school just so I could get supplies!! NOTHING was better than putting together and packing your backpack before the first day of school! Stopping by from the GFC blog hop and am now your newest follower:) Hope you can come check out Crazy Mama Drama !

  9. Good luck finding a place, you guys!!

  10. haha, I JUST posted about school supplies today, in fact! I also have a wish list. :)


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