24 July 2012

I need you!

Ok loves I need your help!
My parents' 25th anniversary is this year
and my dad's 50th birthday is a month before the anniversary!
So we're doing a party to kinda combine both ;)
But I honestly am LOST as to how to do it all!

Where do we have it?
The church cuz it's free? A nicer place cuz it's an anniversary/bday party?
Do we cater food? If so who do we cater from?
Cake?? Toppers?? Cupcakes??

And the biggest thing:
What do we give them as a gift?
There are 3 of us kids (well 4 with Andrew too)
But our funds are super limited.
I mean, I just had a baby,
 my brother is coming home from his mission in a month and a hlaf (WOOT!!!),
and my littlest brother is only 16!

Oh and my parents need help picking a song for their picture DVD.
We already have:
"Maybe It's You" by the Carpenters - their song ;)
"The Wedding Song" - Captain & Tennille
"Longer" by Dan Fogelberg
but I need one more!
They want one that's a little more modern since these are all from the 80s
hahahahaha any suggestions are more than welcome!!



  1. I honestly really don't have that much help to offer. Have you tried gleaning ideas from pinterest? Sometimes cute and simple and homemade just screams LOVE.

  2. P.S. Don't be afraid to delegate. For example, assign friends to bring a dessert or salad or a part to a fun game.

  3. My parents just celebrated their 25th but I was a lame daughter and didn't do anything for them. I would go the church route because it's cheap. You can also delegate dishes or do it potluck style, and do DIY decorations.

    For my father-in-law for his 50th, I asked each of my husbands' siblings and my mother-in-law to write a letter to Dad about why they loved him, etc. I also took a picture of everyone. Then I made a *super* simple scrapbook with everyone's picture and their letter next to it. He loved it so much he cried. You could do something similar for your parents, and since there aren't many of you, you can expand to include their parents, siblings, or close friends. I don't know how much time you have, but it's a thoughtful and meaningful gift that doesn't cost a lot.

    Good luck! Let me know if you need more decorating ideas (we DIY'd our whole wedding reception).


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