22 July 2012

His and Hers Q&A

Hey all!
Happy Sunday!
I'm linking up with We at Serendipity and Love the Grows for the His and Hers Q&A!

What will your first born daughter's name be?
Hers: Well, we just had her....Aurora Rose then
His: Yeah that answers a given.

What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
His: Hahahaha shopping in general
Hers: Oh dear....people like him ^
Loves honey ;)

If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?
His: I'd be a Mistborn!
Hers: I think the ability to heal would be awesome!
Maybe that would even help cure my sensitive tummy??

If you got a life-supply subscription to any magazine what would it be?
His: Could I have a book instead? 
I actually read I don't just look at the pictures hahaha
Hers: Probably Entertainment Weekly,
I like movies

What was your favorite subjuect in elementary school?
(lunch and recess don't count)
His: ^ but those were the only subjects!
Hers: I liked history/social studies ;)

You just scored $5! What do you spend it on?
His: Food.
Hers: Ditto. A Subway sandwich combo ;)

What were your thoughts when you first met your other half?
His: Really? Is this girl for real??
Hers: Once we were friends, I thought he was pompous but
knew that it was a front to look comfortable in a situation when he wasn't

If you could punch a business/company in the face who would you want to punch?
His: Apple
Hers: ^ gasp!! Don't be hatin on my Mac! 
I'd like to punch all of those companies that get richer while we get poorer.

Favorite classic Disney princess?
His: I never really had a favorite but now that we have a daughter
named after one, Aurora is my favorite ;)
Hers: Aurora duh! I named our daughter after her ;)

If you could reincarnate into any animal after you die,
what animal would you want to be?
His: A sloth duh!
Hers: ^cuz he's so lazy! I'd be a tiger cuz they're so cool!


  1. A sloth! haha. That is SO funny. And I'm glad there are history people in the world like you. That was one of the subjects I definitely struggled in!

    Amanda at: http://weandserendipity.blogspot.com

  2. LOVED reading this!! You and your husband are HILARIOUS!

  3. aw aurora is such a pretty name!! i love it. you guys are awesome! glad you had fun with this!

  4. Haha, I love your husbands answer to the school subjects question :) And thank you for the follow! Your blog is adorable and I can't wait to read more! :)

  5. Haha, these answers fit you guys so perfectly!!!!

  6. You guys are so cute! So glad that I found you at Live. Laugh. Rowe's hop.... Following you now... hope you can visit sometime ....

    Have a great week!

  7. Confession: I love this link up specifically for the first question:P Congrats on having a lil baby!!

    stop by and say hi sometime!

  8. I love that you commented on all of his answers!! Haha. So funny! This is a cool link-up!


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