21 July 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hey all!
I'm so happy it's the weekend!
Cuz it means that Andrew is home Friday, Saturday night and Sunday 
so we both get to spend ample time with baby girl ;)

 Yes that smile was ALL for me ;)

And our goal is to get to church on Sunday morning for at least the first hour!
That's all dependent on the silly thing will sleep without screaming for 2 hours ;)
Although can I get a "Hallelujah!!" for the past 3 nights that she's
slept IN HER CRIB for HOURS and only screams for about 20 minutes!
Andrew and I have been so happy!
Now watch, I've just jinxed our good luck hahahahaha
so keep us in your voodoo good luck thoughts mmmk? ;)
And fingers crossed that we make it to church!
Happy Weekend!


  1. Awwww she's so adorable! I love the colors and look of your blog, so cute!! I found you through the Vintage Wanna Bee Saturday Hop and would love it if you had the chance to stop by :)

    -Jessica (Sew In Love)

  2. She's adorable! I remember those first few months, when so much revolves around a sleeping baby. Don't know if you have a sling, but I made it through many things by putting the baby in a sling and standing in the back of a room swaying until they fell asleep. Good luck!

  3. What a blessing to get your girly in her crib with less fuss. I definitely remember those days...and I still live 'em out at naptime. Found you from Thee Blog hop.

  4. Hope the sleep thing went well! From your IG, looks like you were able to make it to at least Sacrament meeting.

  5. She is such a cutie! I love that smile! :]


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