16 July 2012


I have been staring at this screen for about an hour 
trying to figure out what to write....
I mean my life is all about my baby after all hahahaha ;)

But I don't want to bore y'all with how adorable she is,
and how everything she does is the most perfect,
cutest, most adorable thing in the world.
Cuz it is.

First bathtime without any tears or screams!

 With Grandma Mills ;)

How about I talk about something that's kinda baby related.
Baby blues.
Now here's the thing I don't have PPD,
but I will tell you that I will get slightly sad on occasion
but it has nothing to do with Rory.
Meaning that my baby doesn't make me sad,
I just have depressed thoughts on occasion.

I have kinda always been like this though,
you know when you have a bad day and you just need to cry and such?
Yeah it's just stronger at the moment cuz my hormones are still
trying to get back in order after this whole pregnancy thing.
Anyone else experienced this?
It's just kinda like a bad day on X and then it fizzles for me
and I feel fine again.
What really helps with that is to just cry it out.
I mean really, it's true.
Rory needs to cry it out sometimes and so does mommy hahahaha.
Andrew has come home to me crying but he can tell when
there's something really wrong or if I just need a hug and to cry,
he's wonderful about that.
And honestly, holding Rory in my arms makes me feel so much better
about anything and everything that I think is wrong in my head  ;)

I mean look at that sweetness!
How could that not make me feel better?!

I need to stress how great our families are ;)
They all love on this little princess
(and us by taking her for awhile)
and they check on us all the time to make sure we're ok
and I can absolutely say that we couldn't have made it through these weeks without
their great support and love.
And we're so blessed to have our families close by so we can use and abuse them
and they get to see Rory pretty much whenever they want to ;)

She looked so cute last night when she met her Wilson relatives for the first time!
She wasn't a huge fan of the flower,
but one I fixed the petal that was in her eye, she felt much better ;)
And just for cuteness,
Rory felt like trying on Uncle Trevor's glasses last night after her bath

Already my daughter is a nerd ;)
Just like her mommy and daddy hahahaha
Sorry for the jumbled thoughts here,
it's time for a nap!


  1. Haha, I pretty much loved reading your jumbled thoughts!!

  2. How precious:) She is just a doll---you better head over to our giveaway this week at http://www.thechirpingmoms.com and enter an adorable outfit!


  3. You are certainly NOT the only one who brings home her baby from the hospital and sobs and cries over little things. It happened to me too! I felt like my life was over and just beginning at the same time. I was a roller coaster of emotions! Those hormones are CRAZY!


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