04 July 2012


So my dad is pretty much the coolest dad ever ;)
and this Sunday he took some newborn photos of Rory
and some family ones of us too!

The first thing we did was take the 5 generation picture with my GG.
So it's Joyce (1) who begat Dennis (2) who begat Kristin (3) who begat Alison (4)
who begat Aurora (5).
Everybody understand the line??
Sweet ;)

Rory did so good with her great great grandparents ;)
She didn't cry (much) and when she did,
we just stuck the pacifier in and she was content.
GG doesn't remember much these days but you can see
how much she loved little Rory when we put her in her arms,
and after explaining who she was,
GG started to cry and said she felt so blessed to meet her ;)
It was a wonderful evening with them!

Then we went to my grandparents house for pie
and Dad took pictures of us!!
Here's a sampling of what he did!

Mom stop kissing me!!

She loves her daddy ;)

We sure love our snugglebug ;)

Oh my gosh right?!
I still can't believe I made something so beautiful ;)


  1. there's a lot of 'begating' going on up in here...
    :)That's SO sweet with Rory meeting Great Grandma, those pictures are priceless!

  2. What wonderful family pictures!!! And 5 generations is an heirloom. Wow!

  3. those are really precious pictures. my mom never got the chance to know her grandparents because they've passed away a long time ago. therefore i never meet my great great grandparents.

    i love that you call her Rory (i love Gilmore Gilrs), and she's just so cute

  4. Oh wow!!! Theses pictures are amazing!! What a precious baby girl. I love these!! :)


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