28 July 2012

Dark Knight/Olympics

Ok friends can we talk about the opening ceremonies??
And how disappointing they were overall? 
Here's the thing, there were cool parts of it,
but overall I was like "eh".

 Also, who on earth came up with these as mascots!?

I loved the Mr. Bean part,
cuz come on, it's MR. BEAN!
The forging of the rings was cool,
the queen jumping out with 007,
the torch,
but that whole middle part??
Seriously London?!

Creepy paper puppet things,
and sending Mary Poppins to battle Voldemort?
Have we not heard of Harry Potter??
Or Peter Pan for Captain Hook?
Mary Poppins......please,
she'd get the shiz beat out of her and we all know it!
And all I can say is:
baby head..... *shudder*

I will say this though,
I LOVE the torch!
That was one of the coolest torches I've seen ever!
And having the "future athletes" light it?!
I may have cried a bit cuz it was just so cool and I'm a sucker
for really cute kids that get cool experiences ;)

I also LOVED that all the bronze leaves
moved to make one big torch,
SOOO cool!

Now onto a happier subject!
Dark Knight Rises!

I pretty much loved it ;)
Now I'm gonna talk about things that happen in the movie 
so if you haven't seen it yet 
Ok, y'all good??
I don't wanna ruin it for anyone ;)

Moving on.
First let's start with Bane
aka Tom Hardy.
Yikes he was awesome!
Now I watched the cartoon and read the comics as a kid
(yeah I was a bit of a nerd mmmk?)
and Bane scared the crap outta me.
I mean, after all, he's really the only one that could take Batman down physically.
He breaks Bruce's back for crying out loud!
And in the comics and such Bane is very aggessive and in your face,
so I was not happy about the villain choice.
But Tom played him in a different way than I had thought he would
and honestly, he was way better!
Yes he was still absolutely terrifying BUT
he was a calm deadly rather than a raving lunatic.
And let's be honest,
calm villains are usually the scariest ones am I right!?

Anne Hathaway.

aka Catwoman.
Again, I wasn't sure how she'd do as the sexy cat,
but I tell you what:
this kitten gots claws friends!
She was cool, suave, sly, and that black leather?
Oh yeah, she was good ;)

Joseph freaking Gordon-Leavitt

He was my favorite part of the entire movie,
I won't lie ;)
His character was so cool,
and after seeing him act in Inception
I've fallen in love with him.
He plays John Blake,
who isn't a real character from Batman-land
BUT he was created from all three Robin characters ;)
Like a mix of all the good qualities of the three.
And yes, they DO mention that his full name
is ROBIN John Blake,
and yes he does find the Batcave ;)
And yes, they BETTER do more with him!

I loved it and I thought it wrapped up the Dark Knight series
REALLY well but left it open enough that they can continue if they want to.
And they should in my opinion ;)
Anyone else feel the same??

P.S. I'm Guest posting over here for the Mrs while she moves!!
Check it! ;)


  1. Hahhahaha, I had to stop reading halfway through because I haven't seen that movie yet.

    I didn't watch the opening ceremonies, and I can't believe it! I feel like such a slacker. :)

  2. I agree 100% about Joseph Gordon Leavitt!! I love him so much.

    And I also thought the way they lit the torch was really really cool :)

  3. *lalalalala* I can't read your spoilers! Haha! But I am super excited for JGL. LOVE HIM. And I'm very interested to see how Anne Hathaway did, as well.

    And thanks so much for linking up with us! Hope to see you next time :D

    -Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  4. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I realized Joseph Gordon-Leavitt was in this movie!! (We hadn't seen one trailer before watching the movie) I fell in love with him while watching Inception as well! This is the first time I've been looking forward to the next Batman movie... HA HA! But seriously.
    And I agree, Anne Hathaway killed it as ccatwoman!


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