07 July 2012


I pretty much have the greatest family around ;)
They were with me through my crazy labor day,
and they have been amazing with baby girl ;)

My grandparents love her beyond words
and they're willing to watch her for us whenever we want to do something.
Like last night,
Andrew and I went to AYT's West Side Story that my brother's in
(which was AMAZING)
and we didn't want to take the baby cuz of the noise
and such so my grandparents watched her for us!

And on July 4th, Andrew had to work
but my parents and bro wanted to go to a movie
so my grandma called me on Tuesday and said
"So it's too bad that you don't have anyone that is willing to watch the baby
for you while you go to the movie....."
"Would you like to watch the baby?"
"...yes!! (grandpa in the background) YES!"
And grandma is the one that gives Rory her baths for now,
eventually I will too don't worry ;)

So I haven't really been getting great sleep,
ya know a newborn will do that to you,
and when I don't sleep I get "depressed"
(I can't think of a better word)
and so last night after we got home from the show
 I started bawling for who knows what reason!
And I was kinda laughing about the fact that nothing was really wrong,
but I couldn't stop the tears!
So Andrew says "Why don't I take first shift tonight and you go sleep?"
Now the boy had work at 7:30 this morning but he pretty much threw me in bed ;)
And he let me sleep til 4:45 this morning.
How could I have ever gotten a better guy?!
Plus look at him being a daddy to his girl:

I am truly more blessed than I deserve ;)

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  1. What a wonderful family you have! :] And that last picture is just perfect! I can't wait to see Race take care of his baby girl!


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