10 July 2012


Ok first I just HAD to share this photo of our girl ;)

My parents went to the Disney Store
(without me which I thought was rude! ;) )
and bought a little Aurora for their Aurora ;)
But honestly, I think mine is cuter than the doll!

So my daughter is hilarious and HATES bathtime ;)
Her GG is the one that has bathed her so far
and I finally got proof that she has been cleaned hahaha

But after the torture is over,
she gets fed by her GG and she's content ;)
She also loves her grandpa, grandma, and Uncle Trevor ;)

And they love her ;)
I mean, how could you not?!
She's the cutest bug on the planet ;)


  1. She really is the cutest bug on the planet! It will be fun to see how her feelings toward bath time change... she just might become the biggest little fishy and LOVE the water!

  2. AWWW....what a cutie! she's so pretty!

  3. She is so cute. You just wait - in a few months she's going to LOVE the water and scream when you try to take her out.

  4. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!

  5. Cuteness overload! I'm dying to get my nugget one of those soft dolls, but I'm trying to wait for the Alice one to come back in stock! Cross your fingers! And hopefully she'll grow to love bath time. Mine's just now growing to love splashing. :/ Thanks for visiting Me + the Moon! So glad we found each other! Happily following you back:)

  6. She is adorable! New follower from the hop!

  7. So stinkin' cute! Definitely cuter than her doll. Haha.


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