27 July 2012


Thank you for all the well-wishes on my 500th post ;)
You guys are really the coolest readers ever!
I feel slightly accomplished today
(or yesterday depending on whenever this post posts hahaha)
We did laundry at my in-laws house
(which we NEEDED to do - running low on the unmentionables friends...)
went to the grocery store to get a few things to tide us over 
til we get $$ for Andrew's school ;)
(Then I can do another Costco trip!)
Got home and Andrew went to work and I fed the Rorester 
(yeah that just came out)
and she went down for a nap about 3 and I got to work!
I showered, which, come on, is feat when you have a baby 
and you're home alone.
Then I folded all the laundry and even put it away!
Oh yeah!
The night before I had already done the dishes,
so luckily that was one less thing on my list.

I then put the groceries away
(that didn't go in the fridge/freezer)
and woke the girl up from her nap at 7:30
to eat and change her diaper
(she's been rashing a bit lately so laying in a soiled diaper is no bueno)
and we played til around 8:45-9

more pictures Mom?!?!

then she zonked out again and is luckily STILL sleeping!
She had a rough night last night so we're hoping for a better one tonight
so we can both get some much needed sleep.
I took out the trash, got the mail, answered emails,
worked on some new blog backgrounds,
put the bottles in the actual cupboard where they belong
instead of on a towel on the table hahahaha
restocked the diaper bag with formula and diapers
and onesies!
I already made the mistake of forgetting to put new clothes in there for the unknown
and then she needed an outfit and luckily her Grandpa Mills
had given her one earlier that day so I got saved hahahaha

Rory also got her first pedicure yesterday from me ;)

I promise it looks tons better now ;)
And after her bath she was even happier
(and I got the polish off her leg after she swiped it with her toe hahahaha)

Today we're having to say goodbye to our only friends in our ward :(
They're moving to VA which is great for them but sucks for us!
So we're making them breakfast before they head out on the road!
Then GG and Papa requested the bug's presence for the opening ceremonies
so she's going over there for a little while ;)
How's your Friday??



  1. okay, her pedicure is the cutest thing ever, I love it!

  2. Jeez! You were productive! I haven't been that productive in a LONG time! Haha. Also, I just love all the pictures of the Roresters! And that nickname is awesome!

  3. Ok her pedicure!? so darling! she is so stinking cute!!!

  4. Aw! Her pedi is so stinking cute!! I love baby feet! The only feet I can stand to look at and touch! :D
    Congratulations on you 501 post! haha
    Here's to many, many more!!!

    Thanks for linking up with the Find + Follow blog hop!


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