26 July 2012

500th Post!

Dude it's my 500th post!!
I honestly can't believe I've talked THAT much hahahahaha ;)
Seeing as it's my 500th post I should have something exciting to talk about,
but honestly I'm slightly sleep-deprived
and haven't done much lately....

SO I'll try to take care of a little bidniz instead eh? ;)
Like my new design by my lovely friend Alyx!
She did my last one too and I love her for it!
Her design page here

Again a HUGE welcome to all my new followers!
I wanna do some sort of giveaway here soon,
anyone wanna donate??
Anything and everything is welcome!

If you're interested in asking me questions,
especially you new peeps around here,
go here or scroll down and comment!

And PLEASE help me out with my parents anniversary party!
I really could use any and all ideas!

I'm also going to be shameless and request that y'all like my FB page!
I know, horrible but I would love to get my page
moving along and such!

I promise I'll have something more exciting to post here soon! ;)
I'm gonna try to get out and DO something,
cuz I'm kinda getting desperately lonely 
for adult conversation hahahaha ;)
I love being home with Rory,
after all this was the whole point of having her was to stay home
to be with her all day,
but I do sometimes forget that I'm the only adult home
and start talking to myself just to shake things up.
Oh heavens right??
Yeah I'm looking for some adult interaction,
having one car makes that difficult though ya know?

Sorry this post got all random and such....
happens when I'm all sleep-deprived,
although happy note:
Rory slept from 3:30-10:30 PM when I finally woke her up to change her diaper
and then she went back down to sleep at midnight!
We might be getting to the point that I can start sleeping at night again!
Fingers crossed loves!


  1. Congrats on 500 posts and on moving towards sleeping at night!

  2. I'll donate something! It'll probalby be small, but whatever! Just let me know when you need stuff.

    And thanks for the shout out!! You're the bomb dot com.

    And ohmygoodness, I hear ya on the one car thing. Not the most fun.


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