03 July 2012

2 Weeks

I can't believe Rory is already/only 2 weeks old!
Guys I'm completely serious, it's unreal ;)
It feels like she's always been here with us and she fits in so well
with all of us ;)

We were able to take some family pictures on Sunday
including a 5 generation picture with my great grandma ;)
Remember how I said that she might not make it?
Well she did and now we all joke that she'll be around for like 3 more years hahaha
I'll post those pictures once we have them back ;)
Rory was so good with her 3G (as we call her),
and her Grandpa Frank .
She stared at them with her big blue eyes and they fell in love.
But really how couldn't they??
I do every time she looks at me ;)

After we left from visiting them,
my dad took some pictures of her
and some of me and Andrew with her ;)
I can't wait to see how they turn out!
But here's some that I've taken on my phone to pacify you,
and show you the cuteness!

She was annoyed by all the flashing of the cameras hahaha
But we had to take a picture while she was still dressed all cute
and wasn't stinky ;)

Now if I could just get her to take a dang nap so I can nap too,
wouldn't that be lovely?? ;)

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