31 July 2012


Does anyone else have a fascination/obsession
with new school supplies??

Cuz heaven knows I do!
Nothing is cooler to me than brand new crayons, notebooks, pencils, markers,
yeah even glue and tape, etc....
oh yeah!

Not to mention these awesome commercials?!

Makes me ALMOST sad that I'm not in school.
If we had the money I'd still be out getting those awesome supplies
cuz who doesn't need good things at a good price!?
What I wouldn't give for some fresh crayons and markers friends,
what I wouldn't give!

In other news,
Andrew and I have been looking at different places to live
seeing as our rent is about to go up in December
and we're hoping we can move closer to Andrew's work.
Dude, this is killing me!
This will be the 3rd time we've moved hahaha
(well I guess 2nd cuz the first time was just me moving in....)
it's just so time-consuming and I can only do so much on the computer!
But we have it narrowed down to about 8 places (from 22 originally people)
and sometime in like September we'll do some reconnaissance
 and find somewhere we can stay for a long while!
So keep your fingers crossed!

And maybe send me some crayons hahaha ;)

P.S. I really wanna win this!


30 July 2012

Us Part 3

Part one
Part two

As I walked out of Andrew's house
with tears streaming down my face,
my heart shattered.
But as I said before, I also had a sense of immeasurable peace.
I hadn't felt my Heavenly Father's love so strong for me before
and it truly felt like He was giving me a hug to reassure me,
or letting me cry on His shoulder like any loving father would do.
That night I slept over at my BFF's house cuz I din't want to be alone
and we had our other friends come over for a bit too.
We ate ice cream, I cried, it was a great girls night
for me to get all emotional about everything and have such great friends
to support me ;)

Over the next year,
I gotta be honest with you,
I wasn't very social.

*Disclaimer again:
I have always kinda been a homebody until senior year
but then it was just with my small group of friends
and by this time 2 of them were married and one engaged,
so it was hard to get together anymore*

I actually only had one date during the entire two years Andrew was gone.
And that happened at my other friend's wedding.

  I really didn't want to go alone,
and my buddy (we'll call him J) said he'd come with me as my date
so I wouldn't feel so lonely cuz all my girlfriends had dates.
I was SOOO beyond glad he did!
First it wouldn't have been any fun to be all alone at a table,
AND he came to my resuce when I needed a friend.
This girl (let's call her B to make things easier) I knew from high school
came over to our table to say hey and we were all chatting for a bit.
Then the other couples went to get food,
leaving me and J to talk with B.
Out of the blue B says "So you were dating Andrew Mills right?"
Me: "Yeah, he's in the MTC right now but he leaves for Argentina on Monday!"
B "So what are you going to do when he either writes you off,
or comes home and doesn't want you anymore?"
Me: *stunned silence*
J: "Well I come home 9 months later and then I'll snatch her up!" (with a smile)
B then left the table.
I was so grateful he was there just to rescue me from hecklers.
Although he did actually mean that statement at the time,
which made it nicer too ;)

At his year mark,
Andrew sent me a tape that was meant for only me to listen to!
We had exchanged tapes throughout the year
but always with other people talking on it too,
so this was something special.
He talked about his companion and all the cool people he'd met
and at the very end of the tape
he said "I love you".
It was really fast, so more like
"iloveyou" *click* hahahahaha
But it made me so happy!
We had made an agreement before he left to not be all
"loving", for lack of better word,
in our letters to each other so that made the tape extremely precious to me ;)

Stay tuned for part 4!

Slash Blog launch!!

Hello lovelies!
I'm so excited today to share this with you!!
Have y'all met Elise and Nichelle?
If not, GO!
Anyways, they're awesome and they're launching The Slash Blog today!
Now before you ask what it is,
they're here to give you all the answers you require!
Take it away ladies!

Meet Nichelle and Elise. Nichelle blogs at Vintage Wanna Bee and Elise blogs at Elise's Pieces
They are BFFs and they think they are way funny slash, they are actually pretty funny.

Elise and Nichelle met in a Women's Organization that focused
 on personal growth, faith and sisterhood.
 After becoming besties, 
and realizing they blog were obsessed with blogging, 
they decided to create 

The Slash Blog is a sisterhood that focuses on faith, friendship, service and sisterhood. 

The Slash Blog is officially live as of today!
Head on over to check out this new blog that focuses on and is based on friendship.
Elise slash Nichelle invite you to join along with their Weekly Inspirations,
Weekly Challenges, Weekly Uplifting Printables, Monthly Serviced Projects and more!
Head on over to the blog, 'Join The Sisterhood',
or just come by to get a smile or a laugh! 

Check out The Slash Blog here:

The Slash Blog is also having a "Slash Bash" in honor of the new blog launch!
If you are in Northern Utah, or Southern Idaho, Elise slash Nichelle invite you to come to this Super Awesome Blog Party! Please RSVP on the facebook event here. 

If you would like to get involved, have questions, want to say hello, have a funny joke,
or have a charity or organization you would like to see on The Slash Blog,
you can send an email to The Slash Girls at:

Let's all go join mmmmk??
Happy Monday!

29 July 2012

His and Her Q&A

Happy Sunday loves!
Are you ready for another round of Q&A???
I am!! ;)

Here we go!

What is your fondest memory as a child?
His: Camping with my family
Hers: going to California to visit my grandparents and just chillin in the nice weather,
not to mention Disneyland trips ;)

When did you first know you were gona marry your spouse?
His: sometime during my mission
Hers: probably about 6 months into dating him

What is your guilty pleasure?
His: .....sailormoon.....
Hers: ^ he said that really fast which is why
I typed it like that
I watch Days of Our Lives....yeah I'm ashamed

What is your favorite television show?
His: Psych!
Hers: Criminal Minds for sure!
Although I love me some HIMYM ;)

What is your most embarrassing moment?
His: .......
Hers: First day of school in 6th grade and I totally farted in a reading group,
and of course the boy I was crushing on was in that group with me....

If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do and why?
His: Disneyland with you
Hers: Spend it at Disneyland fo sho, its the Happiest Place on Earth!

Who is your celebrity role model?
His: Muggsy Bogues because he's awesome
Hers: I'm gonna need to say Ellen ;)
I love her humor and her huge giving heart!

What does your dream vacation look like?
His: a book and some video games and nowhere that I have to go
Hers: a trip around Europe, to literally every European country ;)

If you had $1,000,000 and you HAD to spend it,
what would you do with it?
His: invest some, and pay off bills
Hers: buy a house, vacations, a second car hahahaha

What did you do one your favorite date with one another?
His: I like our dinner and movie dates a lot
Hers: I love when we just sit and talk for hours....
but we do that on practically every date, does that count?

28 July 2012

Dark Knight/Olympics

Ok friends can we talk about the opening ceremonies??
And how disappointing they were overall? 
Here's the thing, there were cool parts of it,
but overall I was like "eh".

 Also, who on earth came up with these as mascots!?

I loved the Mr. Bean part,
cuz come on, it's MR. BEAN!
The forging of the rings was cool,
the queen jumping out with 007,
the torch,
but that whole middle part??
Seriously London?!

Creepy paper puppet things,
and sending Mary Poppins to battle Voldemort?
Have we not heard of Harry Potter??
Or Peter Pan for Captain Hook?
Mary Poppins......please,
she'd get the shiz beat out of her and we all know it!
And all I can say is:
baby head..... *shudder*

I will say this though,
I LOVE the torch!
That was one of the coolest torches I've seen ever!
And having the "future athletes" light it?!
I may have cried a bit cuz it was just so cool and I'm a sucker
for really cute kids that get cool experiences ;)

I also LOVED that all the bronze leaves
moved to make one big torch,
SOOO cool!

Now onto a happier subject!
Dark Knight Rises!

I pretty much loved it ;)
Now I'm gonna talk about things that happen in the movie 
so if you haven't seen it yet 
Ok, y'all good??
I don't wanna ruin it for anyone ;)

Moving on.
First let's start with Bane
aka Tom Hardy.
Yikes he was awesome!
Now I watched the cartoon and read the comics as a kid
(yeah I was a bit of a nerd mmmk?)
and Bane scared the crap outta me.
I mean, after all, he's really the only one that could take Batman down physically.
He breaks Bruce's back for crying out loud!
And in the comics and such Bane is very aggessive and in your face,
so I was not happy about the villain choice.
But Tom played him in a different way than I had thought he would
and honestly, he was way better!
Yes he was still absolutely terrifying BUT
he was a calm deadly rather than a raving lunatic.
And let's be honest,
calm villains are usually the scariest ones am I right!?

Anne Hathaway.

aka Catwoman.
Again, I wasn't sure how she'd do as the sexy cat,
but I tell you what:
this kitten gots claws friends!
She was cool, suave, sly, and that black leather?
Oh yeah, she was good ;)

Joseph freaking Gordon-Leavitt

He was my favorite part of the entire movie,
I won't lie ;)
His character was so cool,
and after seeing him act in Inception
I've fallen in love with him.
He plays John Blake,
who isn't a real character from Batman-land
BUT he was created from all three Robin characters ;)
Like a mix of all the good qualities of the three.
And yes, they DO mention that his full name
is ROBIN John Blake,
and yes he does find the Batcave ;)
And yes, they BETTER do more with him!

I loved it and I thought it wrapped up the Dark Knight series
REALLY well but left it open enough that they can continue if they want to.
And they should in my opinion ;)
Anyone else feel the same??

P.S. I'm Guest posting over here for the Mrs while she moves!!
Check it! ;)

27 July 2012


Thank you for all the well-wishes on my 500th post ;)
You guys are really the coolest readers ever!
I feel slightly accomplished today
(or yesterday depending on whenever this post posts hahaha)
We did laundry at my in-laws house
(which we NEEDED to do - running low on the unmentionables friends...)
went to the grocery store to get a few things to tide us over 
til we get $$ for Andrew's school ;)
(Then I can do another Costco trip!)
Got home and Andrew went to work and I fed the Rorester 
(yeah that just came out)
and she went down for a nap about 3 and I got to work!
I showered, which, come on, is feat when you have a baby 
and you're home alone.
Then I folded all the laundry and even put it away!
Oh yeah!
The night before I had already done the dishes,
so luckily that was one less thing on my list.

I then put the groceries away
(that didn't go in the fridge/freezer)
and woke the girl up from her nap at 7:30
to eat and change her diaper
(she's been rashing a bit lately so laying in a soiled diaper is no bueno)
and we played til around 8:45-9

more pictures Mom?!?!

then she zonked out again and is luckily STILL sleeping!
She had a rough night last night so we're hoping for a better one tonight
so we can both get some much needed sleep.
I took out the trash, got the mail, answered emails,
worked on some new blog backgrounds,
put the bottles in the actual cupboard where they belong
instead of on a towel on the table hahahaha
restocked the diaper bag with formula and diapers
and onesies!
I already made the mistake of forgetting to put new clothes in there for the unknown
and then she needed an outfit and luckily her Grandpa Mills
had given her one earlier that day so I got saved hahahaha

Rory also got her first pedicure yesterday from me ;)

I promise it looks tons better now ;)
And after her bath she was even happier
(and I got the polish off her leg after she swiped it with her toe hahahaha)

Today we're having to say goodbye to our only friends in our ward :(
They're moving to VA which is great for them but sucks for us!
So we're making them breakfast before they head out on the road!
Then GG and Papa requested the bug's presence for the opening ceremonies
so she's going over there for a little while ;)
How's your Friday??


26 July 2012

500th Post!

Dude it's my 500th post!!
I honestly can't believe I've talked THAT much hahahahaha ;)
Seeing as it's my 500th post I should have something exciting to talk about,
but honestly I'm slightly sleep-deprived
and haven't done much lately....

SO I'll try to take care of a little bidniz instead eh? ;)
Like my new design by my lovely friend Alyx!
She did my last one too and I love her for it!
Her design page here

Again a HUGE welcome to all my new followers!
I wanna do some sort of giveaway here soon,
anyone wanna donate??
Anything and everything is welcome!

If you're interested in asking me questions,
especially you new peeps around here,
go here or scroll down and comment!

And PLEASE help me out with my parents anniversary party!
I really could use any and all ideas!

I'm also going to be shameless and request that y'all like my FB page!
I know, horrible but I would love to get my page
moving along and such!

I promise I'll have something more exciting to post here soon! ;)
I'm gonna try to get out and DO something,
cuz I'm kinda getting desperately lonely 
for adult conversation hahahaha ;)
I love being home with Rory,
after all this was the whole point of having her was to stay home
to be with her all day,
but I do sometimes forget that I'm the only adult home
and start talking to myself just to shake things up.
Oh heavens right??
Yeah I'm looking for some adult interaction,
having one car makes that difficult though ya know?

Sorry this post got all random and such....
happens when I'm all sleep-deprived,
although happy note:
Rory slept from 3:30-10:30 PM when I finally woke her up to change her diaper
and then she went back down to sleep at midnight!
We might be getting to the point that I can start sleeping at night again!
Fingers crossed loves!

25 July 2012


I wanna say 
to all the new followers I've received the last few days!
I'm so happy that I've got so many new people to meet!
And as we've grown to be so many,
I thought maybe it'd be a cool thing to do a Q&A!

Meaning of course that y'all can ask me anything you want,
and I'll do my best to answer them ;)
And by anything I do mean anything!
Like Marvel vs DC, favorite color, favorite weird fact,
special talents, boxers vs briefs etc ;)
Ok maybe not that last one since it doesn't really apply to me hahaha

So comment below and ask away!

P.S. I need your help here!!

24 July 2012

I need you!

Ok loves I need your help!
My parents' 25th anniversary is this year
and my dad's 50th birthday is a month before the anniversary!
So we're doing a party to kinda combine both ;)
But I honestly am LOST as to how to do it all!

Where do we have it?
The church cuz it's free? A nicer place cuz it's an anniversary/bday party?
Do we cater food? If so who do we cater from?
Cake?? Toppers?? Cupcakes??

And the biggest thing:
What do we give them as a gift?
There are 3 of us kids (well 4 with Andrew too)
But our funds are super limited.
I mean, I just had a baby,
 my brother is coming home from his mission in a month and a hlaf (WOOT!!!),
and my littlest brother is only 16!

Oh and my parents need help picking a song for their picture DVD.
We already have:
"Maybe It's You" by the Carpenters - their song ;)
"The Wedding Song" - Captain & Tennille
"Longer" by Dan Fogelberg
but I need one more!
They want one that's a little more modern since these are all from the 80s
hahahahaha any suggestions are more than welcome!!


23 July 2012

We did it!!

I want to document that we made it to church yesterday!! 

It's a big step y'all ;)
We only stayed for the first hour but that was something awesome considering we
haven't been yet cuz baby girl just wasn't ready.
I think she'll be ready for all three hours in a couple weeks ;)
(Well we have a farewell next week, and then I wanna go to Relief Society the week after,
then we'll see about teaching Primary again)
A couple of our primary kids saw the baby though and loved her!
They thought she was so cool,
and they were really good with her cuz most of them are older siblings
so they know how to be around smaller people ;)
It made me so proud ;)

We also went over to my GG's house again to re-take the 5 generation picture,
my Aunt Arlene wanted to do GG's hair and such
and so we re-took them hahahaha ;)
And Rory did so good again, cooing and smiling at her 3G ;)

Also this weekend Rory met her Aunt Haley finally!

Aunt Haley is doing an internship in Washington D.C.
but she came home for a weekend and she was so happy to meet her!
With all the activity yesterday we thought she'd sleep really well last night,
oh so not so!
She slept for a bit but honestly I was like "For realz girl!?
I'M exhausted from everything, you are too!"
So when she finally fell asleep this morning at 11,
it was only cuz she likes daddy's pillow hahahahaha

Don't worry y'all,
she's propped against the side of the crib
and I'm checking on her every like half hour or so ;)
P.S. Notice the Aurora doll? And that weird white thing?
Well the white thing is my Pufflalump ;)
Yeah I had it in my crib so naturally she needs it with her duh!

I promise soon I'll have a post that doesn't completely revolve around
Rory and her adorableness hahahaha
but come on...she's pertty dang adorable!

P.S. I obviously need more grown up interaction....
so who's gonna come over and entertain me?!!??!

22 July 2012

His and Hers Q&A

Hey all!
Happy Sunday!
I'm linking up with We at Serendipity and Love the Grows for the His and Hers Q&A!

What will your first born daughter's name be?
Hers: Well, we just had her....Aurora Rose then
His: Yeah that answers a given.

What is your biggest shopping pet peeve?
His: Hahahaha shopping in general
Hers: Oh dear....people like him ^
Loves honey ;)

If you could have any single superpower what would it be and why?
His: I'd be a Mistborn!
Hers: I think the ability to heal would be awesome!
Maybe that would even help cure my sensitive tummy??

If you got a life-supply subscription to any magazine what would it be?
His: Could I have a book instead? 
I actually read I don't just look at the pictures hahaha
Hers: Probably Entertainment Weekly,
I like movies

What was your favorite subjuect in elementary school?
(lunch and recess don't count)
His: ^ but those were the only subjects!
Hers: I liked history/social studies ;)

You just scored $5! What do you spend it on?
His: Food.
Hers: Ditto. A Subway sandwich combo ;)

What were your thoughts when you first met your other half?
His: Really? Is this girl for real??
Hers: Once we were friends, I thought he was pompous but
knew that it was a front to look comfortable in a situation when he wasn't

If you could punch a business/company in the face who would you want to punch?
His: Apple
Hers: ^ gasp!! Don't be hatin on my Mac! 
I'd like to punch all of those companies that get richer while we get poorer.

Favorite classic Disney princess?
His: I never really had a favorite but now that we have a daughter
named after one, Aurora is my favorite ;)
Hers: Aurora duh! I named our daughter after her ;)

If you could reincarnate into any animal after you die,
what animal would you want to be?
His: A sloth duh!
Hers: ^cuz he's so lazy! I'd be a tiger cuz they're so cool!

21 July 2012

Happy Weekend!

Hey all!
I'm so happy it's the weekend!
Cuz it means that Andrew is home Friday, Saturday night and Sunday 
so we both get to spend ample time with baby girl ;)

 Yes that smile was ALL for me ;)

And our goal is to get to church on Sunday morning for at least the first hour!
That's all dependent on the silly thing will sleep without screaming for 2 hours ;)
Although can I get a "Hallelujah!!" for the past 3 nights that she's
slept IN HER CRIB for HOURS and only screams for about 20 minutes!
Andrew and I have been so happy!
Now watch, I've just jinxed our good luck hahahahaha
so keep us in your voodoo good luck thoughts mmmk? ;)
And fingers crossed that we make it to church!
Happy Weekend!

19 July 2012

One Month

I cannot believe my baby is a whole month old today!!!
Is that all??
I feel like she's always been my sidekick
(well she did kick me in the side while I was helping her bake!)
and my little snugglebug ;)

Rory started at 8 lbs, 4 oz and she's now at least 10,
and she's growing bigger and bigger everyday!
 So here's to one month down and many more to come!!
I love this little princess more than words can say,
and she's the most precious thing in the world to me and Andrew.
Our lives have been so blessed since she came into it ;)
I mean look at that "scrunchie face"?!
(that's grandma's nickname for her hahahaha)