10 June 2012

Waiting for Baby: Katie from Sparky

Hey all!
So Katie from Sparky is guest posting for me 
while this crazy baby girl keeps me waiting, or 
when I get to have her hahahaha
And you will all love her because I do, therefore you will hahaha ;)


Are you guys half as excited as I am that Ali is about to have [slash is currently having, slash just had] her baby?

I thought so. I could tell.

 And oh, by the way, my name is Katie and I blog over in a little space called Sparky.

I love blog friends, so when you're done reading here, pop on over and stay awhile.  Let's be friends!

That's the new header that my handsome hubby, Tim, designed for me a few days ago.  I'm kind of in love.

[With Tim and with the header.]  [Just kidding, honey.]  [

But seriously, good job on the header.]

Oh and in case you were wondering, this is us in the flesh:

Actually, this is us in picture form, because "in the flesh" is technically inaccurate, not to mention sounds a tad disgusting. I blog about all things ridiculous and seemingly inconsequential, and I have a dang good time doing it, too.  Currently, I'm also writing about our love story, which is neither ridiculous nor inconsequential.

In fact, would you like to hear the abbreviated version?
Ok, ok.  Since you asked.

My crush on Tim started at around age eight. I thought he was the cool older boy. He thought I was a nerdy little girl. And fourteen years later, he asked me to marry him. And we've lived in wedded bliss ever since.

[But seriously.  Marriage is my favorite thing ever.  It's like having a slumber party with your best friend.  Every.Single.Night.]

 And now that you know a little about me, come on over and tell me a little about you! Thanks for having me, Ali.  Can't wait to see your pictures!
Isn't she wonderful!?
I love Katie and it helps that we're both AZ brides hahahaha ;)
Thanks so much girl!
Go check her out and follow her too cuz she's awesome!


  1. YAY thanks for having me Ali! I absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of your little babe.

    P.S. Go Arizona!

  2. Nice abbreviated version! ;) Guess I'd better check out the full thing now... ;)


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