18 June 2012

Waiting for Baby: Kassi from Truly Lovely

SO hopefully I'm having baby girl soon! 
Inducing today should make it happen!! 
But while I'm still away, I have the amazing 
Kassi from Truly Lovely here to entertain you!

I love Kassi!
She and I have been blogger buddies for a long time
and she's another AZ bride which makes her extra special ;)
Take it away girl!

Hey there lovelies!  
Kassi from Truly Lovely here!!! 
You might have seen me hanging out with sweet Ali a time or two before... ;) 
But if not, you can read about me and my sister (the girls behind Truly Lovely) here!
So.. When Ali put out a call for guests posts to keep us all busy while she's off goofing around... You know, having her sweet little princess... ;) 
I had the perfect post in mind!! 
So, here we go!
Babies. I got the fever yo!
The hubs and I are at that point where we've been married almost a year... 
That's not that long, but consider we were together for five years before that... 
so we'll call this year #6!

All of our friends are starting families! 
OK, maybe not all of them... But THREE of my six bridesmaids have a bun in the oven right now! 
That's 50%. Half. 
Shall I reiterate? 
You get the point.

 Wanna guess which three?? ;) Haha...
We had family visit over Memorial Day weekend... 
Everyone thought we were gathering them together to tell them some exciting news. 
Well, we weren't. Yet anyway. ;)
You know... that SIL that keeps pestering you for a niece/nephew. 
Yep, I have three of those + my sister, Kayli! ;) 
Love em all to death, but if I mentioned my recent case of baby fever, they'd be all over that like... Something that gets all over something else. hahaha!
My plea to you
What advice do you have for a young couple thinking of starting a family?? 
Got any fun baby shower ideas saved up you'd wanna share? 
Remember, THREE of my best friends are preggers! 
What about you? Caught the fever too? Already have a family started?
I'm all about making friends in this bloggie world, so if you have no interest whatsoever in anything baby related, that's cool too, just tell me something random about you
And share your blog link in the comments
I'd love to stop by and check it out! :) 
Ready, go!
OH! And before I sneak off to stalk the fun comments you dolls will/have shared below... CONGRATS to Ali and Andrew! They are going to ROCK as parents!!! :)  
Thanks for letting me babysit your blog while your off having your sweet baby girl!


Isn't she so awesome!
And when it's their turn,
she and the Mr will also be great parents!!
Thanks so much


  1. What an exciting time of life! I'm not sure if you're religious, but my husband and I prayed about when to start a family when we felt it was right. Turns out we got pregnant when we weren't exactly "trying" but it's been perfect timing for us.

  2. Thanks for the tip Kylie!!! :) We are religious and pray about this quite frequently. :) And thanks Ali for letting me share your blog space while you're away! Hoping baby girl is here soon!!!

  3. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! New follower via email :-)


  4. I am currently pregnant with my first! It's definitely an exciting time, and we did get pregnant pretty quickly (about 11 months after we were married) but I am so happy we didn't rush it and waited until we were both ready! And by the time baby is born we will have had lots of alone time as a couple to enjoy together :)

  5. How exciting! My advice is to go ahead and have yourself a baby! The hubs and I got pregnant 3 months after getting married. It was what was right for us and we couldnt be happier. We are currently trying for baby #2 and we can't wait!

    check out my little corner of the blog world http://wwwloveandstuffhowell.blogspot.com/


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