16 June 2012

Waiting for Baby: Alyx from EveryDay is a New Adventure

I've talked about Alyx before,
cuz I'm pretty much in love with her and her husband Mike.
And my hubster really loves Mike too don't worry ;)
They have StarCraft dates via Skype sometimes ;)

Anyways, I'll let her do the talking now
and y'all better love her ;)
I mean, really how could you not?!

When I was younger, I played soccer. And by "played" I probably definitely mean did cartwheels on the field. 

A few weeks after the whole cartwheel incident, I suppose the coach thought I would pay more attention to the game if I actually had to do something. She decided to put me in as forward. I played my little heart out and even got to kick the ball a few times. 

I even scored a goal – for the other team

We switched sides at halftime, and I must have missed the memo somehow, because after we came back onto the field, I was immediately passed the ball. I started running toward the goal as fast as I could until I was close enough to kick the ball into the net. I kicked it as hard as I could, all the while hearing [what I thought were] cheers from the sidelines. I was so proud of myself for scoring my first goal…until I looked up and saw my team’s goalie staring at me, and heard people yelling things like, “THAT WAS THE WRONG GOAL!” 

Oops again. Soccer obviously wasn’t my forte.


Bahahahaha! Oh Alyx ;)
 I pretty much did the same thing only I was in softball,
definitely not a sports girl hahahaha
Thanks girl!
And make sure you check out her adventures with hubs Mike


  1. lol, well it takes practice learning the rules.

  2. Thanks for having me, Ali!!!

  3. Alyx is so fun!!! :) Hoping baby girl is here!!!


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