01 June 2012


So I don't know how many of you have read the "True Love" tab
up top there that tells of our story in a nutshell ;)

Well seeing as now we're in June,
it marks 18 months of marriage and 5 years of being together ;)
I've decided that I'll tell our story in a bit more detail ;)

Weekend Andrew came home from his mission

 So as I have mentioned before,
Andrew and I couldn't STAND each other in high school.
He was a big know-it-all
and I preferred to wait and answer only if I KNEW the answer,
he liked to make things up too hahahaha

I met Andrew in Seminary our sophomore year,
and we pretty much ignored the other's presecnce completely.
We had our own set of friends,
especially since I was in choir and he was in band.
You don't really mesh too much in the different music departments hahaha
The loathing hadn't quite started yet cuz we didn't interact most of that year.

I don't have any pictures of Andrew in band...

 Junior year we had more classes together,
and I had to listen to him answer everything with a 'tude.
And I still stayed quiet except in History cuz I was really good at that
and the teacher loved me ;)
Our English class was the worst cuz it was super hard!
And somehow Andrew was able to impress her with his charms,
and everything came easily to him.
I was super jealous and annoyed cuz I worked my butt off and got mediocre results.
You know, one of THOSE classes.
We started ignoring each other again when we each had a significant other
to pay more attention to hahahahaha

Then senior year came.
And we had even MORE classes together....
its like the cosmos hated us or just loved to torture us hahahaha
But this year I was determined to be nice to everyone,
seeing as it was our senior year and all.
I wanted people to remember me being nice,
even the boy that had broken my heart into a billion pieces
(the ex-boyfriend).
So when Andrew would talk to me,
I'd only politely respond, but not commit to any conversation.

After we had our Graduation Orientation,
my best friend told me that Andrew thought I was cute ;)
Just proves you should never tell a girl's best friend something
that you wanted to keep secret.
So naturally, I had to ask him why!
My guess for me being this forward,
since I NEVER am,
is because I was in NO WAY interested in him,
but I wanted to know what he saw in me.
Typical teenage girl right?!

So he got my number from my friend and started texting me.
At first I was like, dude....stop your crazy flirting!
*Now I need to put a disclaimer in here.
The boy that broke up with me left me broken.
And I do mean broken.
Basically told me I wasn't smart enough for him
and that he didn't want to date before his mission,
then 2 months later he had a new girlfriend.
So I had assumed for the longest time I wasn't worth anyone's time,
and to keep my feelings VERY buried.*
I wasn't used to being treated like this by a boy.
He told me I was pretty and that he thinks I was pretty smart ;)
Unfortunately for him, 
I had a crush on another boy hahahaha 
so I liked talking to him but I didn't really want it to go anywhere.

Andrew's Graduation Party, see my face?
Pretty much sums up our friendship at that point hahahaha

Graduation came and went,
and we started hanging out more.
Andrew was the only guy in the group that we hung out with consistently.
We had others that would come every now and then,
but Andrew was constant.
And I figured out why.
2 of my best friends really liked him so they kept having him come around
hahahaha and I, of course, kept my distance
BECAUSE they liked him ;)

Then I went to New York for my senior trip.
It was such a blast and that's when things really started between us.
Funny that it took thousands of miles to finally realize what we had.
We were good friends by then,
after all he'd been at EVERY group gathering so we got close.
While I was gone, we texted a lot and he kept me sane during parts,
and he taught me how to flirt.
I'm not kidding either.
I'm the WORST flirter ever, just ask him hahahaha
but he taught me very subtle ways and I started falling for him.

 I was so happy we got to stop at Seneca Falls!
And see how skinny?!
I'm gonna get back to that just you wait!

I got home from my trip,
and Andrew went on his cruise to Alaska for graduation
so we couldn't talk as much since he was on a ship and all.
But when he could get service he would text me and my heart skipped beats,
He came home with gifts for me and the other 2 girls too
which didn't help matters much.
Silly boy was wanted by 3 girls, not bad for him eh?? ;)

A week later, Andrew used a line on one of the other girls that he used on me,
now to be honest, that's not really terrible
but for some reason I was furious!
I refused to talk to him for the rest of the day,
and cried myself to sleep.
I know srsly?!
That's when I realized that maybe I couldn't hide my feelings anymore.
The next day we got together,
just the two of us,
and talked for hours trying to understand each other.
Next thing I knew, he kissed me!
Yeah out of the blue,
completely unexpected and I was nervous that I wasn't a good kisser 
since I hadn't been kissed in over a year hahahaha
He apologized for the blunt delivery,
and all I could do was giggle hysterically cuz I wasn't sure what had just occured.
But he then asked me if he could date me
cuz he felt something with me he hadn't felt before.
Well how can a girl say no to that??

So began the Andrew and Ali saga ;)
Stay tuned for part 2 ;)


  1. Awwwww I love it!!! You two are pretty much adorable.
    And I REALLY like your hair in that one pic of you at Seneca Falls! So pretty!!!

  2. Love this!! :) I can't wait to read more!!


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