22 June 2012

Our Little Princess

See? Told ya it'd be fast ;)
Plus Rory is a REALLY good sleeper once she's out hahaha

So for those that don't want details,
here's the nutshell version:
-1 wonderful epidural
-19 hours of labor
-35 minutes of pushing
-Aurora Rose 8 lbs 4-5 oz and 20 inches
-needing a Bakri balloon inserted after birth
-one extra day at the hospital
-home safe and sound
(pictures at the end of the post)

Now for those that want a slightly more detailed version,
here you go!

So we were supposed to be induced on Monday,
as you all know.
Well the hospital called and told us that they didn't have any beds
so to just wait til they call us to come in.
I started to cry but then felt peace come over me
almost like Heavenly Father was saying 
"Patience young one, it's in MY time not yours"
and I felt better (mostly).
So we waited all day in suspense and nada.
So Andrew and I get ready for bed
and are talking
(me crying hysterically)
and my phone rings (it's 11:55 at night peeps)
and it was the hospital asking me if I wanted to still be induced!!
I was like
"HECK YEAH! We'll be there!"
So we call my parents and Andrew's parents and headed to the hospital!
By the time we started the pitocin it was 1:00 Tuesday morning.
So we all try to get some sleep cuz it's gonna take awhile probably ;)
Oh if only we knew HOW long it'd be!
About 8:30 my water breaks on its own and we're all excited
cuz that usually means baby's ready to come soon right!?
Oh no.
The contractions got harder and longer and I was like 90% effaced
but only 2 cm dilated...
Eventually they had to slow my pitocin cuz my contractions got to be 2-3
every 10 minutes but I wasn't dilating at all really.
I got my epidural around 10:30 cuz I just couldn't take it anymore,
but people I lasted 9 1/2 hours before I needed it!
Thank you thank you!
I called my anesthesiologist an angel because to me he truly was
and he loved being called that ;)
After the epidural it was just more of a waiting game.
Every couple hours checking for dilation and nothing happenin til
about 3 when I was dilated to 5 cm!
I about squealed with joy cuz it was finally progress,
and it kept progressing until 8:01 when
Little Miss came out in 2 pushes.
One push for her head and another push for the rest of her ;)
 My doctor told me I was one of his better pushers
It only took 35 minutes and then she came super fast.

Then things started to get interesting.
I didn't stop bleeding (apparently)
and all of a sudden I was being epiduraled again,
a second IV put in and whisked off to the OR without
Andrew or me knowing why.
Now I want y'all to understand that I had just had a baby,
so my emotions were all over the place.
I was sobbing from terror and uncertainty
and I honestly don't remember much of what happened
but luckily the dr went back for Andrew to tell him what was happening.
They had to insert a Baki balloon into my uterus
to help it contract the correct way
and to help stop the bleeding.
I had to have 2 blood transfusions to help make up for the 2-3 liters I had lost.

Now while they were IV'ing me a second time,
they were also having me try to breastfeed Rory
AND trying to eat something myself
all at the same time.
Needless to say, anything I had been able to consume
came right back up and it was a very unpleasant experience for all involved.
I woke up with oxygen, catheters, and those really not-so-cool compression socks
and with NO recollection of what happened.
Thank goodness for Andrew and his amazing ability to remember
even when he's just as exhausted as I was.

After all that happened,
I was finally able to see my baby again
and to love on her and enjoy her presence ;)
I tried feeding her and didn't produce enough milk so I won't be
breastfeeding anymore.
But I'm ok with it cuz it never really sounded exciting.
And we love her so much!
She's a happy baby
and loves her parents, grandparents and great-grandparents already ;)

Guys she's finally here!



I promise those are tears of joy and amazement
at what had just occurred ;)

First shot as a family ;)

With Dr. Tutt 

Look at that daddy action

 Grandparents' Mills ;)

Trying to eat after birth but before all the other "fun stuff"
happened and soon we'll take some newborn pictures!


  1. Congratulations! She's gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations!!! She is beautiful! SO glad you are both okay. Giving birth is an emotional roller coaster! Congrats again!

  3. What a crazy story! I'm so glad you're both OK and everything is working out. My friend had her baby Tuesday morning after laboring for 48 hours...so I'm sure she literally feels your pain :P

  4. WOW! I can't believe she's here!! congrats! :D Your story is definitely unusual! but that's what'll make it memorable, right? I had no idea they had balloons to help with the bleeding. Crazy! Congrats again, momma!

  5. Aww! What a sweet story! I'm glad everything turned out okay even though things weren't exactly as planned! :) And your little lady is gorgeous!

  6. I am just going to put this out there...there is NO WAY your husband was "just as exhausted as you were". Its not true. I can't give you that. You are amazing and I am glad you made it through. And, you have one beautiful little one!

  7. Awww, Ali! This seriously brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a freaking sap. I love you and I love her, and I'm so happy for you guys!! I just can't say congratulations enough! You guys are great and totally deserve the best!!

  8. Wow! What an ordeal. But I'm glad she's here safe and sound and that you're doing well too. Aurora is beautiful. Love those family pictures. Hope you're enjoying these first few weeks of mommyhood!

  9. Congrats! She is beautiful. I'm glad it turned out well in the end and that you are ok!

    My favorite pic is the one of your dad holding her--he looks so happy!

  10. Aw, congrats! So glad to hear you're ok! :) Sounds like it was a little scary, but then totally worth it! So happy for you guys!


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