04 June 2012

My Inner Geek

So y'all know I'm a Star Wars fan right?
Remember me working in Tomorrowland and becoming a Jedi Knight?
And owning 2 lightsabers (and will probably get another one when we go in December)
Yeah me too ;)

SO my dad tells me on Memorial Day that there's this article I need to read
in Wired magazine.
Now that's a geeky magazine folks,
but on occasion they have really cool things to say
and this one was about Star Wars ;)
More specifically in which order you should watch the movies,
Guys this was brilliant!

And so what did I do with my Friday while Andrew was at work?
Made brownies/dinner and
yep I watched them in this order ;)
And yeah it was really a good idea!
I won't lie though,
watching 2 and 3 was still super painful just because they're awkward,
but overall I was impressed with the guy that came up with this!
In the article he says to start your kids when they're 6....
I started watching them when I was 3 hahaha
so we'll see I guess!
Hope you all enjoy the article!
And you should all try this order out if you're fans ;)
Gives it a new perspective and makes them a little fresher ;)
Now I'm gonna go get my lightsaber and practice my moves hahaha
Totally JK
or am I?? ;)

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