28 June 2012

Melt My Heart

Hey lovelies! ;)
I can't believe my baby is over a week old already!!
She's already getting so big and she's stealing my heart more and more everyday ;)

I call her my snugglebug cuz when I'm burping her 
she tends to snuggle right into my neck and nuzzles me ;)
I melt every time!

See what I mean??
Oh so stinkin cute!

She also snuggles with grandma ;)

Basically if you're warm and have fed her,
you're her new best friend and cuddle buddy whether you like it or not ;)

She also loves the chair her great aunt and uncle lent us!
She sleeps in it most nights cuz the crib isn't her favorite place yet,
understandable since it's so big
and she's so little she wants to feel secure after all ;)

And for the record,
she will cover her face herself hahaha
and squish herself up against the side of the chair.
I die!

She pretty much hates baths right now.
Naturally since she can't have a full on bath currently since her umbilical
is still attached so it can't get wet.
Her GG has been the one to bathe her and Rory hates it
but then GG feeds her so they make up hahahaha ;)
I didn't get any pictures of it cuz I was helping to keep her 
from going completely bonkers and helping her stay a little more calm ;)

I have completely lost my heart to my sweet girl.

Those big blue eyes just get me every time
and I still can't believe I made her!
With Andrew's help of course,
but I carried her and birthed her and that's still amazing to me.
Also amazing that all of her fit inside me at one point
and now she can move all around on her own.
She's already starting to learn to roll herself over!
I'm so proud of her and she's learning to keep her hands from her mouth
when I'm trying to feed her ;)
I'm relishing every moment I have with her,
even the middle of the night shennanigans we have together ;)


  1. YAY for motherhood! You are an amazing mother and your baby is SO cute! I love hearing about how much you lover her :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how fast you can fall head over heels in love? And isn't it so cool to see her tiny personality? Awww, this makes me so excited to snuggle my own little man in a few weeks.

  3. P.S. Where did you get those awesome little mittens?


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