30 June 2012

Late Night Shennanigans

So y'all know how I'm up at night with Little Miss?
Well there's NOTHING on TV at 1-4 in the morning so I usually put on NetFlix
and hope to find something fun to watch while I get my princess situated ;)

Now I love TLC shows!
Like Say Yes to the Dress and
Andrew and I love Cake Boss

Yeah that car is a freaking CAKE!
That was an awesome episode!
Anyways, so we love this show BUT we finished all the episodes on NetFlix :(
This is one of the many times when I wish we had cable,
and by wish I mean NEED cable hahahaha

Ok ok maybe not a need but still.
So the whole point of the post was to tell you that I found this show,
NOT from TLC but kinda along the same ideas as one of their shows
called "My Fair Wedding"

Has anyone watched this show?
It's insane!
These brides call this wedding planner David Tutera
3 weeks before their weddings and he comes and plans everything.
He takes what they already have done and usually changes EVERYTHING.
Now does this sit funky with anyone else?
I mean, he'll change their wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, venue, cake,
But here's the kicker:
He's always right!
I mean these women NEED him desperately
cuz they are so all over the place with plans there's no focus,
or they can't afford what they realy want and he makes it happen.
It's kinda sad how attached I've become to this show...
but I mean look at what he does to the spaces for the receptions!

Yikes right?!
SO pretty!
Anyways....now you know my sad obsession with wedding shows....
is it as sad as I think it is or am I ok??
I also will watch old school cartoons so I can sleep when Rory decides
to sleep (which isn't often enough for us of course)

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  1. hah, TLC pulls interesting reality shows. I mean look at Restaurant Makeover - even if it has 'officially' turned into a rather boring routine. My Fair Wedding is amazing! I love watching those beautiful wedding decorations.



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