17 June 2012

Father's Day

No, still no baby but that's ok
cuz today isn't about me or her ;)
It's about Daddys ;)

So naturally I wanna talk about my dad ;)

And no, that's not me he's holding hahaha
that's my brother ;)
But basic idea achieved hahaha

my dad is awesome!
He's the best in the world and I'm so glad he's MY dad ;)
He's always there with a smile and a hug
and occasionally a tease to make me feel better about things.
Before Andrew and I got married,
I was super stressed out about things and wasn't liking my work situation
and felt like nothing was going the way it needed to.
Well my dad came in one night while I was packing my room
crying to myself,
and took everything out of my hands and made me talk about it ;)
It was the best thing he couldn've done at that moment.
It was so reassuring to have him listen to my stupid
little fears and have him wash them all away ;)

He also loves drag racing

He would travel with my grandpa when he raced ;)
And it's something that he and I still love to go to together ;)

My dad showed me how a husband should be:
loving, funny, willing to compromise, and supportive of his wife ;)
My dad does that and so much more for my mom and us kids!
Thanks to him I knew that the man I married had to be 
like him or it would never work ;)

My grandpa is another amazing guy that I look up to ;)

This was on the USS Missouri in Hawaii in 2005 ;) 

My grandpa and I are both history geeks
and we love to have fun together ;)
When I was a baby I was the only one allowed to even touch his baseball cards,
and not only did I touch the cards,
I ate them ;)
Yeah cuz I'm the granddaughter and that's how I roll hahahaha
My mom's always been jealous ;)
From both my dad and my grandpa I learned
all I needed to know about how the main men in my life should be ;)

I also have a great father-in-law in my life

Again....we need more pictures with the Mills....

I couldn't be more lucky to have him too ;)
I mean, he raised the man I married and how
could I NOT love him for just that alone?
But even better is his sense of humor
and his ability to make you feel at ease and you know how much he cares for you ;)
Plus he's always got great stories to tell all the time!

And last but most important,
I have Andrew ;)

I mean WOO!
And now tomorrow HE'S gonna be a dad!
Holy cow!
We've been waiting for this moment for what feels like a long time
and soon it'll be here! ;)

So Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there
and the soon-to-be dad's too!!
And loves to all the 
dads I have in my life!! ;)


  1. Aww, Happy Father's Day to all the dad's in your life... maybe she'll come today as a present to Andrew??? hahaha if not... I can't wait to see pics tomorrow!!!

  2. It's daughters like you (& sons like your brothers) that make it all worth it. Thank you, "p"! ;-)


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