30 June 2012

Late Night Shennanigans

So y'all know how I'm up at night with Little Miss?
Well there's NOTHING on TV at 1-4 in the morning so I usually put on NetFlix
and hope to find something fun to watch while I get my princess situated ;)

Now I love TLC shows!
Like Say Yes to the Dress and
Andrew and I love Cake Boss

Yeah that car is a freaking CAKE!
That was an awesome episode!
Anyways, so we love this show BUT we finished all the episodes on NetFlix :(
This is one of the many times when I wish we had cable,
and by wish I mean NEED cable hahahaha

Ok ok maybe not a need but still.
So the whole point of the post was to tell you that I found this show,
NOT from TLC but kinda along the same ideas as one of their shows
called "My Fair Wedding"

Has anyone watched this show?
It's insane!
These brides call this wedding planner David Tutera
3 weeks before their weddings and he comes and plans everything.
He takes what they already have done and usually changes EVERYTHING.
Now does this sit funky with anyone else?
I mean, he'll change their wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, venue, cake,
But here's the kicker:
He's always right!
I mean these women NEED him desperately
cuz they are so all over the place with plans there's no focus,
or they can't afford what they realy want and he makes it happen.
It's kinda sad how attached I've become to this show...
but I mean look at what he does to the spaces for the receptions!

Yikes right?!
SO pretty!
Anyways....now you know my sad obsession with wedding shows....
is it as sad as I think it is or am I ok??
I also will watch old school cartoons so I can sleep when Rory decides
to sleep (which isn't often enough for us of course)

28 June 2012

Melt My Heart

Hey lovelies! ;)
I can't believe my baby is over a week old already!!
She's already getting so big and she's stealing my heart more and more everyday ;)

I call her my snugglebug cuz when I'm burping her 
she tends to snuggle right into my neck and nuzzles me ;)
I melt every time!

See what I mean??
Oh so stinkin cute!

She also snuggles with grandma ;)

Basically if you're warm and have fed her,
you're her new best friend and cuddle buddy whether you like it or not ;)

She also loves the chair her great aunt and uncle lent us!
She sleeps in it most nights cuz the crib isn't her favorite place yet,
understandable since it's so big
and she's so little she wants to feel secure after all ;)

And for the record,
she will cover her face herself hahaha
and squish herself up against the side of the chair.
I die!

She pretty much hates baths right now.
Naturally since she can't have a full on bath currently since her umbilical
is still attached so it can't get wet.
Her GG has been the one to bathe her and Rory hates it
but then GG feeds her so they make up hahahaha ;)
I didn't get any pictures of it cuz I was helping to keep her 
from going completely bonkers and helping her stay a little more calm ;)

I have completely lost my heart to my sweet girl.

Those big blue eyes just get me every time
and I still can't believe I made her!
With Andrew's help of course,
but I carried her and birthed her and that's still amazing to me.
Also amazing that all of her fit inside me at one point
and now she can move all around on her own.
She's already starting to learn to roll herself over!
I'm so proud of her and she's learning to keep her hands from her mouth
when I'm trying to feed her ;)
I'm relishing every moment I have with her,
even the middle of the night shennanigans we have together ;)

26 June 2012

Liebster Award

I'm writing this while baby girl tries to sleep at 3:30 in the morning hahaha
So the lovely Chrissie gave me the Liebster Award
which is super sweet of her ;)

So now I get to entertain you with 11 random facts about me,
answer her questions,
and anyone that wants to answer MY questions at the end is more than welcome to!

Ok here goes!

 1. I am a total sucker for Strawberry Kiwi Snapple ;)
And we can only get it at QT unless my readers know 
a secret place that carries it in bulk??
2. I'm named after "Ali with an i" from The Karate Kid
(slash the actress Ali McGraw)
3. I didn't really like being pregnant
I know I know! 
I'm a horrible human being,
I LOVE the outcome - I mean my baby is CUTE!
But being swollen and huge and not able to do much kinda sucked
not to mention the morning sickness was terrible.
4. I have eaten out more times this week than I care to admit....
hey I'm not pregnant anymore so I can eat what I want finally!
5. My lucky number is 8.
6. My favorite color is red.
7. I'm allergic to Preggo Spaghetti sauce.
8. I'm a huge bookworm ;)
9. I really want a sewing machine so I can be all domestic
and make cute things for me and Rory.
10. I want to travel the world someday with Andrew,
visit all the places on my bucket list ;)
11. I still secretly wanna be Indiana Jonesette ;)

Now for Chrissie's questions:
1. You're about to be shipwrecked..which 3 items do you bring and why?
Hmmm....probably my toothbrush, my scriptures, and some sort of game
to help pass the time til we're rescued hahaha ;)
2. What's your "guilty pleasure"?
Oh dear what ISN'T my guilty pleasure?
I love watching Days of Our Lives I won't lie,
and all those fun TLC shows like
Cake Boss and Say Yes to the Dress ;)
3. How many parts of the country you're from have you visited? And where?
Not many for me:
Arizona, Utah, California, Colorado, Hawaii, 
New Mexico, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Nevada.
Andrew's been to way more than me ;)
4. What's your biggest pet peeve?
People going back on their promises.
Or just disloyalty in general I guess,
I can't stand it!
5. How many times have you moved houses? 
Have you ever moved to a different part of the country,
or even a different country altogether?
Oh wow.
Um I've moved a grand total of 7 times in my life.
And not necessarily a different part of the country but different states ;)
6. Your "catchphrase"
"Poop on a stick!" - when I'm frustrated
7. Favorite thing about blogging?
Meeting all kinds of new people from all over the world!
8. Reality TV yay or nay?
(if yay, what's your favorite? Nay, which one gets on your nerves the most?)
I say mostly nay.
I do like the Amazing Race and So You Think You Can Dance
but the Bachelorette/Bachelor bugs me beyond belief.
Actually ALL of those dumb dating games bug me....
9. Do you have any allergies?
I have mild environmental allergies,
and a couple food ones that just make me nauseous
but nothing too serious ;)
10. If you could choose anywhere in the world, but only one place,
where would you visit?
Probably Germany or Poland.
I'm a Holocaust freak so I wanna see the camps...I know,
I'm a weirdo.
11. If you won the lottery, what would you spend your money on?
I'd buy a house, a car, save for the kids' schooling, get Disneyland passes,
and let Andrew figure out the rest hahahaha ;)

Ok here are my questions and anyone can answer them
(you can even just put them in the comments if you want!
I like getting to know my peeps!)

1. If you could meet one person from history who would it be?
2. What's your go-to movie when you're down in the dumps?
3. What's your favorite book?
4. Where's your favorite vacation spot?
5. It's summertime, what's your favorite activity to stay cool?
6. Which brand makes the best ice cream?
7. WHat's the best way for you to de-stress?
8. What's your favorite kind of music?
9. What movie are you looking forward to seeing this summer?
10. If you could pick a celebrity look-alike who would it be?
11. Who do you look up to the most in your life?

Enjoy peeps!

25 June 2012

More Rory

I can't even tell you how much I love being a mom already ;)
She'll be a week old tomorrow and it feels like she's always been here!
She fits in just perfectly with everything in our lives!
I can hold her and she fits right in my arms
like she was made for them and her little face is the most adorable thing on this earth!

I may or may not be obsessed with taking pictures of her
with my phone and sending them to family members hahahaha

This is how we hang out around here ;)
And I can still keep up with my computer stuff!

I love that angry face!

With Uncle Trevor

Big ol' blue eyes!

All bundled to go to GG and Papa's ;)
She's so tiny in this seat!

She LOVES this chair when she's sleepy
but doesn't want her crib hahaha

With Grandma Bowler

(Andrew snapped this candid hahaha)

Our little family ;)
I feel so blessed to have a great family
that helps us when we need it.
For the first few nights home my parents came over
and watched her at night so Andrew and I could sleep
and recover from the hospital stay.
It was great and I'm starting to feel much better 
as my blood levels are returning to normal finally.
My husband is the best too as he'll bring me things if I'm stuck holding her
or feeding her he plays with her toes to keep her happy ;)

It's the most precious thing in the world to watch him be a dad.
She loves him so much and you can see it.
Her favorite thing is for me to hold her and dad to play with her
and when he calls her "cuteness" or "sweetness" she smiles up at him
(yeah I know it's usually gas but we're taking it as real smiles)
Rory has already blessed our lives so much and I can't imagine it without her!
I can't wait to watch her grow and see how beautiful she'll be.
If she's this cute now,
we're in serious trouble when she's older!
Andrew's gonna need a shotgun hahahaha

P.S. On a completely unrelated note,
you should go enter Brielle's giveaway!
I did!
Or actually you shouldn't so that I can win! ;)

22 June 2012

Our Little Princess

See? Told ya it'd be fast ;)
Plus Rory is a REALLY good sleeper once she's out hahaha

So for those that don't want details,
here's the nutshell version:
-1 wonderful epidural
-19 hours of labor
-35 minutes of pushing
-Aurora Rose 8 lbs 4-5 oz and 20 inches
-needing a Bakri balloon inserted after birth
-one extra day at the hospital
-home safe and sound
(pictures at the end of the post)

Now for those that want a slightly more detailed version,
here you go!

21 June 2012


I know you've all been dying for an update!

Here she is in all her glory:

Our precious Aurora ;)

Please excuse the food, I was starved!
Don't worry,
birth story to come soon I promise ;)
I just gotta get situated that's all ;)


18 June 2012

Waiting for Baby: Kassi from Truly Lovely

SO hopefully I'm having baby girl soon! 
Inducing today should make it happen!! 
But while I'm still away, I have the amazing 
Kassi from Truly Lovely here to entertain you!

I love Kassi!
She and I have been blogger buddies for a long time
and she's another AZ bride which makes her extra special ;)
Take it away girl!

Hey there lovelies!  
Kassi from Truly Lovely here!!! 
You might have seen me hanging out with sweet Ali a time or two before... ;) 
But if not, you can read about me and my sister (the girls behind Truly Lovely) here!
So.. When Ali put out a call for guests posts to keep us all busy while she's off goofing around... You know, having her sweet little princess... ;) 
I had the perfect post in mind!! 
So, here we go!
Babies. I got the fever yo!
The hubs and I are at that point where we've been married almost a year... 
That's not that long, but consider we were together for five years before that... 
so we'll call this year #6!

All of our friends are starting families! 
OK, maybe not all of them... But THREE of my six bridesmaids have a bun in the oven right now! 
That's 50%. Half. 
Shall I reiterate? 
You get the point.

 Wanna guess which three?? ;) Haha...
We had family visit over Memorial Day weekend... 
Everyone thought we were gathering them together to tell them some exciting news. 
Well, we weren't. Yet anyway. ;)
You know... that SIL that keeps pestering you for a niece/nephew. 
Yep, I have three of those + my sister, Kayli! ;) 
Love em all to death, but if I mentioned my recent case of baby fever, they'd be all over that like... Something that gets all over something else. hahaha!
My plea to you
What advice do you have for a young couple thinking of starting a family?? 
Got any fun baby shower ideas saved up you'd wanna share? 
Remember, THREE of my best friends are preggers! 
What about you? Caught the fever too? Already have a family started?
I'm all about making friends in this bloggie world, so if you have no interest whatsoever in anything baby related, that's cool too, just tell me something random about you
And share your blog link in the comments
I'd love to stop by and check it out! :) 
Ready, go!
OH! And before I sneak off to stalk the fun comments you dolls will/have shared below... CONGRATS to Ali and Andrew! They are going to ROCK as parents!!! :)  
Thanks for letting me babysit your blog while your off having your sweet baby girl!


Isn't she so awesome!
And when it's their turn,
she and the Mr will also be great parents!!
Thanks so much

17 June 2012

Father's Day

No, still no baby but that's ok
cuz today isn't about me or her ;)
It's about Daddys ;)

So naturally I wanna talk about my dad ;)

And no, that's not me he's holding hahaha
that's my brother ;)
But basic idea achieved hahaha

my dad is awesome!
He's the best in the world and I'm so glad he's MY dad ;)
He's always there with a smile and a hug
and occasionally a tease to make me feel better about things.
Before Andrew and I got married,
I was super stressed out about things and wasn't liking my work situation
and felt like nothing was going the way it needed to.
Well my dad came in one night while I was packing my room
crying to myself,
and took everything out of my hands and made me talk about it ;)
It was the best thing he couldn've done at that moment.
It was so reassuring to have him listen to my stupid
little fears and have him wash them all away ;)

He also loves drag racing

He would travel with my grandpa when he raced ;)
And it's something that he and I still love to go to together ;)

My dad showed me how a husband should be:
loving, funny, willing to compromise, and supportive of his wife ;)
My dad does that and so much more for my mom and us kids!
Thanks to him I knew that the man I married had to be 
like him or it would never work ;)

My grandpa is another amazing guy that I look up to ;)

This was on the USS Missouri in Hawaii in 2005 ;) 

My grandpa and I are both history geeks
and we love to have fun together ;)
When I was a baby I was the only one allowed to even touch his baseball cards,
and not only did I touch the cards,
I ate them ;)
Yeah cuz I'm the granddaughter and that's how I roll hahahaha
My mom's always been jealous ;)
From both my dad and my grandpa I learned
all I needed to know about how the main men in my life should be ;)

I also have a great father-in-law in my life

Again....we need more pictures with the Mills....

I couldn't be more lucky to have him too ;)
I mean, he raised the man I married and how
could I NOT love him for just that alone?
But even better is his sense of humor
and his ability to make you feel at ease and you know how much he cares for you ;)
Plus he's always got great stories to tell all the time!

And last but most important,
I have Andrew ;)

I mean WOO!
And now tomorrow HE'S gonna be a dad!
Holy cow!
We've been waiting for this moment for what feels like a long time
and soon it'll be here! ;)

So Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there
and the soon-to-be dad's too!!
And loves to all the 
dads I have in my life!! ;)

16 June 2012

Waiting for Baby: Alyx from EveryDay is a New Adventure

I've talked about Alyx before,
cuz I'm pretty much in love with her and her husband Mike.
And my hubster really loves Mike too don't worry ;)
They have StarCraft dates via Skype sometimes ;)

Anyways, I'll let her do the talking now
and y'all better love her ;)
I mean, really how could you not?!

When I was younger, I played soccer. And by "played" I probably definitely mean did cartwheels on the field. 

A few weeks after the whole cartwheel incident, I suppose the coach thought I would pay more attention to the game if I actually had to do something. She decided to put me in as forward. I played my little heart out and even got to kick the ball a few times. 

I even scored a goal – for the other team

We switched sides at halftime, and I must have missed the memo somehow, because after we came back onto the field, I was immediately passed the ball. I started running toward the goal as fast as I could until I was close enough to kick the ball into the net. I kicked it as hard as I could, all the while hearing [what I thought were] cheers from the sidelines. I was so proud of myself for scoring my first goal…until I looked up and saw my team’s goalie staring at me, and heard people yelling things like, “THAT WAS THE WRONG GOAL!” 

Oops again. Soccer obviously wasn’t my forte.


Bahahahaha! Oh Alyx ;)
 I pretty much did the same thing only I was in softball,
definitely not a sports girl hahahaha
Thanks girl!
And make sure you check out her adventures with hubs Mike