22 May 2012

Watches and 3 weeks!

2 days til school's over now!
Can I get a AMEN!!!
Guys I'm so excited!
AND it's 3 weeks from today that I'm due ;)
Oh sweet mercy could it really be this soon?!

I won't lie, 
I'm super excited to finally meet our little princess!
We're finally getting our bag ready for the hospital
ya know, for when it's go time hahahaha
and I have 2 diaper bags packed
(you never know which one we're gonna grab when it happens hahahaha)

Knowing that she's coming makes us so happy!
Andrew has been walking around the apartment
with a huge smile on his face,
then he'll look over at me and say
"Is she awake so I can come talk to her?"
I mean come on, that makes me so happy ;)
He's gonna be the greatest dad!
I couldn't have asked for a better husband/partner/best friend
than Andrew, he truly is my best everything ;)

So here's the latest on my looks:

Oh yeah I think I might be just a little pregnant hahahaha

On a completely random note,
Andrew's watch died the other day :(
I had bought it for him for our first Christmas
like 5 years ago so I guess it lasted a long while,
and we've already gotten it fixed twice
so we decided to just get a new one
but it needs to have a second hand so he can do the whole
timing of contractions thing hahahaha
so here's his watch:

I know, cool right?
But then I thought why can't I finally get a watch??
So for the same price of his one watch I got two!

So pretty!
I'm so excited!
Plus now I can help time contractions too just so I have something
to distract me FROM the contractions hahahaha

Hey I also have a FB page if y'all wanna like it!! ;)

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  1. Cute watches! Hooray for the "final countdown!"

  2. Love the watches!!
    YAY for being full term!!! SO EXCITED!!!

  3. SO EXCITING!!! You're such a cute almost to be mommy!


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