31 May 2012


I love days like today.
Andrew had the day off, so we went to the doctor for our weekly appointment

Maybe just a little preggo ;)
And I'm about 1-2 cm dilated which is better than closed says the doc hahahaha

Then we came home and relaxed all day long ;)
Movies, Burn Notice, ice cream, El Pollo Loco
and reading.

Yes it's over 100* outside and I was wearing a hoodie,
I was slightly chilly after my shower ok?

And currently reading

I finally finished all those "City of ..." books
so now I got to move on ;)

Now I'm gonna go snuggle the hubster and beg him to
get me some water ;)


  1. That ice cream looks delish!!!

  2. Seriously! The suspense is killing me, I cannot wait to see your little munchkin! :)


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