27 May 2012

Sunday Confessions!

What up home skilletz?
Yeah that's how gangsta and awesome I am ;)

Moving on!
It's confession time!!

1. It took Andrew's mission companion/best man and his wife visiting
to finally clean the apartment and make it decent hahahaha

 2. I made dinner AND dessert last night for my hard-working man!
Please be impressed cuz it really is hahahaha

Sorry guys I couldn't find a cool cartoon of a pregnant lady in 
the kitchen and quite frankly I didn't remember to take
one of me actually doing the cooking hahahaha

3. Sometimes I sit here staring at the computer
with the blogger page up for hours and can't think of anything to write...

4. I had fully intended to make these brownies that Alyx talked about,
but got lazy so I only did the brownie part and used
my chocolate frosting I had in the pantry hahahaha

5. I am obsessed with shows like
Criminal Minds and Cold Case.

If police work was actually like those shows, ya know 
all dramatic and cool, 
I'd be a cop hahahaha but no no not for me ;)
Just for entertainment ;)

6. I found Say Yes to the Dress on NetFlix!

 Guys I LOVE that show!
These women are ridiculous!!!
And yet I am fascinated by them and the dresses are gorgeous!
Makes me so grateful that my dress was nowhere NEAR
that much money! ;)
And it was still gorgeous thankyouverymuch ;)

See what I mean? ;) 
Yeah I love my dress!! 

7. Baby girl has bags packed for the hospital
but we stil haven't packed ours hahahaha

Don't worry, we will I promise!
We have things picked out we just haven't put them 
in our backpack yet hahahaha ;)

Hope you guys all have a great Memorial Day!
I'm gonna be spending it with my parental units and brother
while the poor hubster has to work ;)/:(
(happy for the hanging out, sad for hubs needing to work)



  1. Lol I totally know what you mean about having those blank days.
    Btw I just realized you're a Disney freak!! I am too!! I even worked for the mouse for a short period. I'll post pics soon!!
    And good for you for cooking!!! Sometimes I just dread cooking and then other times I'm whipping stuff out like crazy!

  2. Bahhhh I think you know how I feel about cooking.
    And those brownies look pretty delicious, even if they do not have the peanut butter awesome-ness.
    Hahaha, I can't believe you're not packed yet!! Hop to it, or else she's gonna surprise you and poor Andrew will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
    btw we can play catan if you want. lol we just woke up from a long nap. :)
    Lazy bones!!!
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Yep. You're right. That dress of yours IS gorgeous.


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