20 May 2012

Sunday Confessions!

Ok y'all!
It's that time again!

These confessions are eh to say the least but hey, 
I'm trying to get through this last week of school so send me good vibes
especially that baby girl wil wait to come until AFTER school is out!

1. I completely forgot the best moment from my post yesterday!
My family from Colorado came to our wedding
and they stayed at the local Marriot cuz it's the only close hotel.
On our wedding night, where did Andrew and I stay?
Yep, the Marriot hahahaha
Did they know about it??
The funny thing was that we could see their vehicles 
in the parking lot from our hotel window.
So the next day when we were hanging out with them
(we left for our honeymoon at midnight that night)
they asked us where we had stayed hahahaha
You should have seen their faces when we told them!
My aunts were so disappointed they hadn't known cuz they like to mess with us ;)
Good times!

2. We went to Denny's yesterday for brunch with my bro
and I got Caramel banana french toast.

 Now before you start drooling,
do you see the lack of banana??
And seriously the caramel was really only on one slice
and is it easy to transfer from slice to slice??
I tell you it is not!
So note to self,
not getting this again.

3. I have tissues or toliet paper stashed all over the apartment
because of my ridiculously runny nose,
and my inability to control my epic sneezes

Guys it's bad!
My sneezes don't really come with a warning
so something has to be close by for ya know....ick!
The glove compartment in our car is full of napkins and some tissue as well.

4. I'm scared and not scared at the same time for labor

Warning: DO NOT google labor and delivery in images....
I think I may be scarred for life hahahaha
but anyways!
I finally re-read the material the doctor gave about labor
and such things
(I'd read it during my first trimester....so not a good idea)
and one minute I'd be like
"She's coming out of WHAT!?
And it's the size of WHAT!?"
But really now, I feel a sense of peace and comfort and I know everything will be just fine.
We didn't take a birthing class cuz we didn't feel the need to
and honestly I'm ok with that ;)
I know how this is gonna go,
well the general idea obviously hahahaha and my Heavenly Father has comforted me
and I have my amazing husband to help me through it.
How could I go wrong?? ;)

5. I may or may not have just changed my Google Images search
to "kittens" after the scarring of "labor and delivery"....

I mean, how cute are they?!
Ahhh! so cute!

Link up with Alyx!!


  1. Hahahagaha, I can only imagine the images that popped up with that search. I'll remain ignorant, thank you very much.
    And yay kittens!
    And I hope she gets here soon!!!
    thanks for linking up, as always!!

  2. I actually got stuck watching my friend have her baby through the hectic-ness of the nurses and doctors and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!!! Seriously.

    She had an epidermal and said she didn't feel anything! I'm sure you'll do great!!!

  3. I had to laugh when I read you googled that.. hahaha
    We didn't take any classes either (I've heard they're a waste of money unless you're going to do hyno/natural birth) and everything went fine......with my epi of course. :)

  4. You are going to rock labor and delivery! I think you will surprise yourself with how well you'll handle it. The pain means that your body is working to get that baby to you THAT DAY!!! It's exciting!

    Not that you're asking for suggestions, but I'll just say, roll with the punches. Everyone's labor story is different. And Relax. That is the best thing my nurse told me. Relax every muscle during your contractions, it makes them much more bearable!


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