11 May 2012


As Mother's Day is gettng closer,
I feel like I need to express how great the mothers are in my life!

My mom is the best!
She really is my best friend and I can call her at any time
and she knows how to make me feel better ;)
She's gonna be the best grandma to Little Miss!

 My grandma is also the best!
She's always got funny stories to tell
from when she and grandpa work at the temple ;)
She has done so much for us as we're getting ready
for baby girl to get here
and I am so grateful for it!

 My mother-in-law is wonderful!
She's always got great advice for me
to help make things easier for us ;)
She's also gonna be the best grandma for this little one ;)

This makes me realize that I don't have a picture of just me and Mom Mills...
need to fix that!! 

I couldn't be more grateful for my mothers in my life!
I'm also super excited to join the ranks of motherhood
in like 4 weeks!!
My mom and grandma were so nice to me this year and let me help
pick the dinner for Mother's Day too!
Heehee yes!

This was at 34 weeks,
I'll be 36 on Tuesday!
It's the beginning of "The Danger Zone"
of possible labor!
Hahahaha oh gracious me!

Don't forget to love on your moms this Sunday!!
I love mine!


  1. I love this!! Moms are totally the best, no doubt about it!!

  2. Moms really are the best! :) So excited for you and your mommydom! ;)


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