24 May 2012

Bring on Summer!!

 Last day of school!
It has been one crazy year and I'm so grateful
for the 28 little chicklets that have changed my life forever ;)
 And for the great staff at Emerson ;)
I'm sad that I won't be back for another year,
but I see it as a blessing so that I can be home with baby girl ;)
I feel a great sense of peace,
that even though we're going to be tighter in the wallet,
I'm going to be where I need to be for our daughter
and Andrew feels the same ;)
Plus Andrew got a full-time spot at one of the Best Buy stores,
so now we have more stability of his schedule
and paycheck
Must be a sign then huh? Hahahahaha

So goals for the summer?
I'm going to actually be a wife and MAKE DINNER!
You guys this is huge!
Andrew is the cook in our household,
(I'm the baker)
but seeing as he's now the sole breadwinner,
I guess I should finally activate my wifely duties 
and make the dinner for the sweet man ;)

I'm also gonna be trying to be more involved with our
youth theatre's production of West Side Story!
All depends on Rory's arrival of course,
but I plan on doing as much as I can ;)
I love helping out and being involved with these talented kids,
including my little brother ;)

Of course my biggest excitement and goal
is baby girl's care!
I'm over the moon about becoming a mother guys ;)
I'm terrified, but I think it's a good terrified, right?
I have a solid support system of parents and grandparents,
and knowing that I have them is crucial to me
to help me feel secure in this scary new adventure of motherhood.

So anyone else got some fun ideas for summer???
Oh and the doctor's appointments are going great,
baby girl is growing nice and strong,
she's just not ready to debut yet hahahahaha
but hopefully soon she will!! ;)

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