15 May 2012

Babies and Tom Cruise

Oh my friends it's gotten to that time!!

Well ok, not for me to fly jets for the Air Force
or to meet Tom Cruise,
or to ride that awesome motorcycle with a leather jacket and Aviators!

It's in the "Danger Zone" of labor happening!!!
Any day now this baby girl can come
(technically I'm still holding out for 2 weeks or more)

36 weeks!!!
I can wear 2 pairs of pants, 5 dresses, about 6 shirts
and only my flip-flops hahahahaha
Granted I've only been able to wear flip-flops for awhile,
my feet swelled REALLY fast and they've stayed gigantic ;)
The only new thing I've had to deal with is losing circulation in my hands and feet!
So annoying!
My right hand especially, although coming from a family
with carpel tunnel that might help the whole no circulation thing bah!

One thing I've been very proud of with myself
during this pregnancy is my weight.
I've always been a bigger girl,
just how I roll ;)
(or rolls hahahaha)
During my first trimester I lost 15 pounds just from being so sick,
I've since gained it back
(which makes the doctor happy)
but I haven't gained much more than that!!
And after this baby comes,
my goal is to be down to what I call
my "Disneyland weight" since that's the skinniest I've been in my life ;)
So if you have any great and amazing ideas for that,
let me know mmmk? ;)

SOOOO close!
Also I'm looking for some peeps to do some guest posts for me
in June when baby girl comes!
So if you're interested email me!


  1. couch to 5k, my friend. At least I've heard that's good. You could even do it with baby girl and her stroller!
    Actually, I'm convinced that's why new mommies in Germany are so slim - they all go for walks every. single. day. Rain or shine, yo.

    I can't wait for baby Mills to show her pretty little face!!!

  2. Hooray! You made it to the last month! (I'm a little jealous. I'm just barely entering the third trimester!) Best wishes for baby girl's arrival! How exciting!!!

    I gained a 44 whopping pounds with my first baby. It seemed like an extra 15 pounds stuck around forever, but I eventually lost all of it plus almost 10 pounds (size 2, yo! I've never been that skinny) by the time Jed was 9 months old. I chalk it all up to nursing. Nursing burns tons of calories! So if it works for you, stick with it! I coupled nursing with running and daily walks. So it CAN be done! Don't get too discouraged. Your body will never be exactly the same, but you will feel sexy again in that cute dress or skinny jeans.


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