31 May 2012


I love days like today.
Andrew had the day off, so we went to the doctor for our weekly appointment

Maybe just a little preggo ;)
And I'm about 1-2 cm dilated which is better than closed says the doc hahahaha

Then we came home and relaxed all day long ;)
Movies, Burn Notice, ice cream, El Pollo Loco
and reading.

Yes it's over 100* outside and I was wearing a hoodie,
I was slightly chilly after my shower ok?

And currently reading

I finally finished all those "City of ..." books
so now I got to move on ;)

Now I'm gonna go snuggle the hubster and beg him to
get me some water ;)

29 May 2012

Looking Back

Just to get it out of the way,

 Hahahahaha I know, I know, down to the wire but hey we finally did
so whenever Rory decides to debut, we're prepared ;)

So graduations have been happening all over,
and it's made me think about MY graduation....
5 years ago...
makes me feel so old!
Also means that it's been 5 years since Andrew and I started dating ;)
I wanted to share some photos from high school:

This was part of our day activity for Homecoming

Dress shopping ;)
I actually ended up buying the red one Megan is wearing hahahaha

Senior Prom ;)
My favorite dress!

See the hubster there?
Yeah he took another girl to the dance!
Hahahaha ;) JK
I didn't even like him yet ;)

Recognize the cutie in the drivers seat?? 
Yep that's the hubster again!
This was Graduation Day before we got our diplomas

See how gigantic my hat was?
Me and my friend Kyri switched hats cuz hers was too small hahaha

Makes me think of all the people that helped me get through high school,
teachers, friends, family, caffeine ;)
And how much my life has changed in the past 5 years.
If I had told my 18 year old self that I would marry the obnoxious boy
from English class and be having a baby 5 years later,
I would've thought I was crazy ;)

 Or that I would've waited for a missionary,
worked at Disneyland,
and moved out on my own to California.

I have definitely changed over that time,
learned many new things,
learned more about myself,
and learned to love someone more than anything else in the world.
First, my husband
and now our daughter ;)
I cannot wait to show her the crazy things her dad and I did
in high school and to tell her our story ;)
Ooo maybe I should re-write here too,
just to give everyone a better background 
and just to show how crazy we are hahahaha

27 May 2012

Sunday Confessions!

What up home skilletz?
Yeah that's how gangsta and awesome I am ;)

Moving on!
It's confession time!!

1. It took Andrew's mission companion/best man and his wife visiting
to finally clean the apartment and make it decent hahahaha

 2. I made dinner AND dessert last night for my hard-working man!
Please be impressed cuz it really is hahahaha

Sorry guys I couldn't find a cool cartoon of a pregnant lady in 
the kitchen and quite frankly I didn't remember to take
one of me actually doing the cooking hahahaha

3. Sometimes I sit here staring at the computer
with the blogger page up for hours and can't think of anything to write...

4. I had fully intended to make these brownies that Alyx talked about,
but got lazy so I only did the brownie part and used
my chocolate frosting I had in the pantry hahahaha

5. I am obsessed with shows like
Criminal Minds and Cold Case.

If police work was actually like those shows, ya know 
all dramatic and cool, 
I'd be a cop hahahaha but no no not for me ;)
Just for entertainment ;)

6. I found Say Yes to the Dress on NetFlix!

 Guys I LOVE that show!
These women are ridiculous!!!
And yet I am fascinated by them and the dresses are gorgeous!
Makes me so grateful that my dress was nowhere NEAR
that much money! ;)
And it was still gorgeous thankyouverymuch ;)

See what I mean? ;) 
Yeah I love my dress!! 

7. Baby girl has bags packed for the hospital
but we stil haven't packed ours hahahaha

Don't worry, we will I promise!
We have things picked out we just haven't put them 
in our backpack yet hahahaha ;)

Hope you guys all have a great Memorial Day!
I'm gonna be spending it with my parental units and brother
while the poor hubster has to work ;)/:(
(happy for the hanging out, sad for hubs needing to work)


26 May 2012

Changes Changes

Guys can I just tell you how excited I am for all these changes
that are happening over the next few days, weeks, etc?

I'm over-the-moon excited for changes!
I mean, I get to become a mother for the first time ;)
How could I not be happy about that?

And the best part?
Heavenly Father has made it possible for me to 
stay at home with her rather than having to work ;)
Just shows that He listens to prayers and blesses us when we're trying really hard
to do everything we need to ;)

Yes things are going to be tighter in the wallet,
but this is just time for me to prove that my mama trained 
me right in the wifely duties hahahaha
I now get to show Andrew my cooking skillz
(yes I DO have them)
and we'll be living on a small budget,
and we'll actually stick to it this time hahahaha

I'm excited to get to spend more time with family,
getting to know our special little princess when she finally gets here,
and having fun with the summer show of West Side Story with AYT.
And I'm not ususally a person that's ok with changes,
but I feel such a peaceful feeling that everything is happening
for a reason, the right reason of course ;)
I'm very much happy that I get to stay home with our
daughter and watch all of her "firsts" and enjoy her little quirks.
And I'm happy that Andrew is taking online courses this semester
so we will be able to spend lots of time with Rory 
and she'll know her daddy and get to love on him ;)
That's what I'm looking forward to the most.
Becoming a family,
though small,
I'm so excited!!!

On a totally unrelatedish note,
I'm looking for people to do guest posting for me in June
right around the due date so y'all don't feel neglected ;)
Email me if you're interested!

24 May 2012

Bring on Summer!!

 Last day of school!
It has been one crazy year and I'm so grateful
for the 28 little chicklets that have changed my life forever ;)
 And for the great staff at Emerson ;)
I'm sad that I won't be back for another year,
but I see it as a blessing so that I can be home with baby girl ;)
I feel a great sense of peace,
that even though we're going to be tighter in the wallet,
I'm going to be where I need to be for our daughter
and Andrew feels the same ;)
Plus Andrew got a full-time spot at one of the Best Buy stores,
so now we have more stability of his schedule
and paycheck
Must be a sign then huh? Hahahahaha

So goals for the summer?
I'm going to actually be a wife and MAKE DINNER!
You guys this is huge!
Andrew is the cook in our household,
(I'm the baker)
but seeing as he's now the sole breadwinner,
I guess I should finally activate my wifely duties 
and make the dinner for the sweet man ;)

I'm also gonna be trying to be more involved with our
youth theatre's production of West Side Story!
All depends on Rory's arrival of course,
but I plan on doing as much as I can ;)
I love helping out and being involved with these talented kids,
including my little brother ;)

Of course my biggest excitement and goal
is baby girl's care!
I'm over the moon about becoming a mother guys ;)
I'm terrified, but I think it's a good terrified, right?
I have a solid support system of parents and grandparents,
and knowing that I have them is crucial to me
to help me feel secure in this scary new adventure of motherhood.

So anyone else got some fun ideas for summer???
Oh and the doctor's appointments are going great,
baby girl is growing nice and strong,
she's just not ready to debut yet hahahahaha
but hopefully soon she will!! ;)

22 May 2012

Watches and 3 weeks!

2 days til school's over now!
Can I get a AMEN!!!
Guys I'm so excited!
AND it's 3 weeks from today that I'm due ;)
Oh sweet mercy could it really be this soon?!

I won't lie, 
I'm super excited to finally meet our little princess!
We're finally getting our bag ready for the hospital
ya know, for when it's go time hahahaha
and I have 2 diaper bags packed
(you never know which one we're gonna grab when it happens hahahaha)

Knowing that she's coming makes us so happy!
Andrew has been walking around the apartment
with a huge smile on his face,
then he'll look over at me and say
"Is she awake so I can come talk to her?"
I mean come on, that makes me so happy ;)
He's gonna be the greatest dad!
I couldn't have asked for a better husband/partner/best friend
than Andrew, he truly is my best everything ;)

So here's the latest on my looks:

Oh yeah I think I might be just a little pregnant hahahaha

On a completely random note,
Andrew's watch died the other day :(
I had bought it for him for our first Christmas
like 5 years ago so I guess it lasted a long while,
and we've already gotten it fixed twice
so we decided to just get a new one
but it needs to have a second hand so he can do the whole
timing of contractions thing hahahaha
so here's his watch:

I know, cool right?
But then I thought why can't I finally get a watch??
So for the same price of his one watch I got two!

So pretty!
I'm so excited!
Plus now I can help time contractions too just so I have something
to distract me FROM the contractions hahahaha

Hey I also have a FB page if y'all wanna like it!! ;)

Just click on the link!

20 May 2012

Sunday Confessions!

Ok y'all!
It's that time again!

These confessions are eh to say the least but hey, 
I'm trying to get through this last week of school so send me good vibes
especially that baby girl wil wait to come until AFTER school is out!

1. I completely forgot the best moment from my post yesterday!
My family from Colorado came to our wedding
and they stayed at the local Marriot cuz it's the only close hotel.
On our wedding night, where did Andrew and I stay?
Yep, the Marriot hahahaha
Did they know about it??
The funny thing was that we could see their vehicles 
in the parking lot from our hotel window.
So the next day when we were hanging out with them
(we left for our honeymoon at midnight that night)
they asked us where we had stayed hahahaha
You should have seen their faces when we told them!
My aunts were so disappointed they hadn't known cuz they like to mess with us ;)
Good times!

2. We went to Denny's yesterday for brunch with my bro
and I got Caramel banana french toast.

 Now before you start drooling,
do you see the lack of banana??
And seriously the caramel was really only on one slice
and is it easy to transfer from slice to slice??
I tell you it is not!
So note to self,
not getting this again.

3. I have tissues or toliet paper stashed all over the apartment
because of my ridiculously runny nose,
and my inability to control my epic sneezes

Guys it's bad!
My sneezes don't really come with a warning
so something has to be close by for ya know....ick!
The glove compartment in our car is full of napkins and some tissue as well.

4. I'm scared and not scared at the same time for labor

Warning: DO NOT google labor and delivery in images....
I think I may be scarred for life hahahaha
but anyways!
I finally re-read the material the doctor gave about labor
and such things
(I'd read it during my first trimester....so not a good idea)
and one minute I'd be like
"She's coming out of WHAT!?
And it's the size of WHAT!?"
But really now, I feel a sense of peace and comfort and I know everything will be just fine.
We didn't take a birthing class cuz we didn't feel the need to
and honestly I'm ok with that ;)
I know how this is gonna go,
well the general idea obviously hahahaha and my Heavenly Father has comforted me
and I have my amazing husband to help me through it.
How could I go wrong?? ;)

5. I may or may not have just changed my Google Images search
to "kittens" after the scarring of "labor and delivery"....

I mean, how cute are they?!
Ahhh! so cute!

Link up with Alyx!!

19 May 2012

Favorite Wedding Moments

So y'all know how much I love Miss Alyx
and yesterday she put up a really cute post about her wedding ;)

And it got me thinking that I wanted to post about mine ;)
I haven't really posted much about it,
except that it happened hahahaha

I wanted to share some favorite things from that day
so here goes!

1. This was my face as we walked out of the temple

Oh yeah, THAT was the face I wanted captured hahahaha
I can't even remember what happened to make me 
make that face at all of my family and friends outside 

2. Having all of out family there
(minus my brother serving a mission but he was there in spirit)

3. That it rained on our wedding day

You know that Alanis Morrisette song "Ironic"?
Yeah Andrew and I always said we wanted rain on our wedding day ;)
And we got it!
AND a rainbow but I have no proof of it hahahaha

4. Having the best bridesmaids and groomsmen!

And letting the girls pick their dresses!
I didn't want to be one of those brides that makes her girls wear yucky crap ;)

5. Embarrassing my little bro all day long!

This pretty much sums up the day for him hahahaha

6. Having the best MOH ever ;)

Yeah she even did my make up for me ;)
She helped me feel calm and excited and helped me get ready
and in and out of my crazy dress!

7. My Daddy/Daughter dance ;)

We danced to "Return to Pooh Corner" by Kenny Loggins
and we both got misty-eyed ;)
I'm still my daddy's girl ;)
And I plan on singing that song to all my kids

8. Having an outside reception

 This was the dance floor,
there were tables and chairs under canopies,
candles in the pool,
and a gazebo with flowers in it all lit up for us to stand under
(but the pictures look terrible of it so I won't show you)

9. Our first dance

It took us about 5 songs into a playlist I had made of possibilities
to figure out our song ;)
We listened to 
"Your Eyes"
"Best Thing You Never Knew I Needed"
and another one that I can't remember
"Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt came up on my iPod
and we knew THAT was our song ;)
We sang it to each other as we danced around
(and by danced I mean more like a penguin waddle with an occasional spin,
and ending with a surprise dipping of me)

10. My favorite moment was one I wasn't even there for

And yes, it has to do with Taco Bell ;)
After we got married,
I went back into the temple to change out of my dress
and Andrew went to Taco Bell to get us some food cuz neither of us had eaten
(our ceremony was at 1:30, so we were STARVED).
So while Andrew's in the drive-thru in his tux BTW,
his dad calls him for something
and Andrew goes "Hang on Dad. 
to the TB lady Yeah I'd like a 7 layer burrito and 2 Chalupas..."
and his dad burst out laughing
so now he is the source of many many family jokes ;)

Anyone else have fun crazy or favorite moments of their wedding??
Share them with me! ;)