06 April 2012

Work Baby Shower

So yesterday at work the lovely ladies threw me a baby shower ;)
It was so sweet and I was happy how many people came!
First off, look at this adorable cake!!

Isn't it precious?!
And delicious!
Buttercream frosting and middle, oh make me drool ;)
And Roberta said we had to have me in a picture with it

Forgive the wierd face,
I wasn't sure if the button had been pushed hahahaha

Baby girl and I got so spoiled!
She got so many cute things and I got so many useful things for her care
and I'm so grateful to everyone for their generosity ;)

^ It's a super soft blanket peeps ;)

 Kerry calls these satelite dishes and said every little girl needed them
hahahahaha ;)

SOO many cute things!
And many more came after these pictures!
My friends at Emerson are the best ;)
My kids even came in to visit on their way back to class from PE
and they all gave me high fives while we tried to explain what 
a baby shower was hahahaha
I was a little worried on how I was going to get all of this into my car by myself
when Mrs Frank asked me if I wanted some helpers instead
and I was so thankful for them! 
They came and carried everything!
And they loved going on a mini field trip to the parking lot hahahaha

Just a sampling of her new clothes!
I can't wait to dress her guys!!
Ahhhhh! ;)


  1. Awww, ALI! I love it!
    I'm so glad you have such amazing coworkers!
    And those clothes are all so freaking cute!

  2. love the cake! and the clothes! baby showers are awesome. :)


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