18 April 2012

Things I've Learned from Pregnancy

So a couple other pregnant ladies in the blog-o-sphere have done
these "What I Learned About Being Pregnant" so I wanted in on the action!

1. I agree with Lauren about not being prepared for your first child.
Meaning that you can read all the books, talk to everyone 
and because everything is so different,
you'll feel unprepared. 
But I can honestly say that I feel like we can handle whatever comes ;)

2. Heart-freaking-burn y'all.
I've never had it in my life and I've had it a couple times now.
Ugh ugh ugh!

3. Having to literally ROLL out of bed in the morning.
It's pretty entertaining for Andrew to watch lol

4. Working at a school while pregnant is not healthy for your
already-basically-nonexistant immune system.
But the silver lining part?
Those kids take such good care of you ;)
All 28 of my kids love this baby and say bye to her everyday when I go home,
and they make sure that I don't bend over or if I drop things,
they are so careful with me ;)
Love it ;)

5. Family is more important than ever.
They are the one constant thing you can count on
when your body is ever-changing.

6. Maternity clothes are a lifesaver!
They're all I can wear now
and they are so comfy ;)
And let's also say that maxi dresses are a gift from heaven!
Comfort and breezy in an Arizona desert,
thank you maxi goddesses ;)

7. It's hard to resist ANY baby clothing!
When we weren't sure what we were having,
any and all clothes were tempting,
now that we have a Little Miss coming,
dresses and bows and shoes are the cutest things I've ever seen ;)

8. I am constantly hot.
And I mean HOT!
Apparently being pregnant makes you 10* warmer by default
therefore I am constantly needing a fan pointed at me
and/or fanning myself with paper on top of that.

9. My bladder is constantly full,
I normally have a pretty small bladder anyways
but now I have a baby dancing/standing/headbutting it,
I get to see a lot more bathrooms hahahaha

10. Having Rory move around inside is one of the coolest things
(and weirdest when she's in a mood) in the world.
Andrew loves to feel her moving around
and talks to her and she'll kick or punch back.

11. Horomones are crazy things.
I'm often crying and laughing at myself for crying.
Especially over a fallen fork,
or a couple curtain brackets.

12. Back pain, swollen legs and feet are your new best friends ;)
Lots of flip-flops and back rubs to help soothe it a little.

13. Having your best friend as your partner in crime also is the best.
I'll give you an example.
Last night I has extreme side pain,
extreme to the point of vomiting from the pressure.
Like heartburn but in my left side so we called the doctor
and he suggested antacids since my stomach is kinda over there.
My parents were wonderful people and came to my rescue
while Andrew was at work and they picked him up too ;)
(see family is important)
After they left, the pain came back  
with a vengence.
 So we had to call the doctor again,
and he sent us to the hospital to check on baby girl
and me.
We get to the hospital and the pain stops.

Figures right?
Well anyways, they check Rory first and she's moving around so much
it was hard to get a read on her hahaha
But she's completely fine and they transferred me to the ER 
to check about the pain in my side.
After 2 samples, an ultrasound, and 5 hours later,
turns out it was only a kidney stone.
Yeah ONLY....yuck.
But back to Andrew,
he was such a great support guy/coach/keeping-me-calm person ever ;)
He would just talk to me about anything
OTHER than why we were in the hospital.
He's the greatest hubs in the world ;)

So nutshell:
Baby girl and I are fine.
I'm a little sore still on my side
and I'm gonna have to change a few things about
how I move and groove for the next 6-8 weeks
AND now we've already pre-registered
at the hospital so when we go to deliver, we're already in the system
and they have someone coming to help us sign Rory up for insurance ;)
Silver lining to a crappy, sleepless night ;)


  1. Oh man! You had a kidney stone?! I've heard those things are SO painful. Dang I hope you're feeling tons better! And I'm kinda scared for the heartburn cuz I already have terrible acid reflux. TMI? :) Anyway I loved hearing all of this!

  2. I'm glad you are OK! I've heard kidney stones are the worst :( I feel you with the bathroom thing...it's not the most fun part, especially since I constantly drink water (good thing, just not for the bladder).


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