24 April 2012

Mish-Mosh Jumble

I'm gonna warn you guys now that this post is probably gonna be a mish-mosh
jumbled up mess so don't judge ;)

First I'll talk about my GG

 This is from our visit on Saturday

She was actually pretty lucid that day,
she kept saying "You aren't old enough to have a baby are you?"
Hahahaha I said "No and you're not old enough to have a great-GREAT-grandbaby either ;)"
She just rolled her eyes at that and said
"That's amazing to think about"
It's really hard to see my GG in a bed all weak and
not at all like she used to be.
We were all there for about half an hour then my mom stayed
with her for a few more hours.
We don't leave her alone at all during the day,
or she gets agitated.
Prayers and thoughts would be appreciated for her
to have peace and to just let things happen the way they should ;)

Next on the list:

Yesterday my mom and I were looking at 
prices for our Disneyland trip in December
and we loved this deal we found!
That really isn't bad for 6 adults and an infant ;)
So that's the goal to get to ;)

And last:

A present for Rory from her GG and Papa ;)
I was so excited!!!
It's so cute and now we have a pack n play!
And this Saturday my mom and grandma are throwing me a baby shower ;)
I couldn't be more excited and more grateful for them
and that they were willing to throw me one ;)

there's only 5 weeks left of school!
Ahhhhh!!! I can hear the heavenly chorus ;)
So happy for summer
and to leave our classroom with no AC
(yeah we have no AC in our room....awesome for the pregnant lady right?)
I love my little kids and they love
talking to the baby hahahaha
when I leave everyday they make hearts with their hands
and put them on my belly as a way to say goodbye to her.
Isn't that the sweetest thing on the planet?
Sometimes they are so annoying
(as kids will be)
but then they do things like that and I melt all over again ;)

Hopefully I'll have a more coherent post later in the week hahaha
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Dude that's an amazing price for that many people!!!
    And hope things are going okay with the GG.

  2. Your GG will definitely be in my prayers. She sounds like a sweet lady! And everything is getting so close! So exciting. And you're right - somehow the sweet things kids do usually make up for all the annoying things :)


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