26 April 2012

Little Things

Today in AZ the weather was like this:

Overcast and storms throughout the morning ;)
Perfect weather for cookie making
(still haven't done that yet....I just made some the other day)

I had my favorite lunch:

I made my mom's macaroni salad a few days ago
and it's still delicious!

I hung up the curtains my mom made for our living room:

Aren't they awesome?!
I'm in love with them and my mom is a rockstar ;)

Earlier this week I hung up more of baby girl's clothes:

And I'm excited to get more little treasures
for her this weekend at my baby shower ;)
People are always so nice and giving
and I feel truly blessed in my life.

Thank goodness for rain, best lunch, living room curtains
and baby clothes ;)


  1. Hurry up and pop that little munhkin out already!! I can't wait to "meet" her!!!
    PS... catan soon?

  2. I am soo excited for you! you are such a doll!

  3. Everything in this post is adorable. Seriously. And I love rainy days too!

  4. Look at all of those ruffles!?! Baby girl clothes are so fun! Have a great week friend!!!

  5. Yay for beautiful stormy weather! And I want some of that macaroni salad!!


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