03 April 2012


Ok so y'all know that I got my iPhone I've coveted for like ever ;)
And I of course got Instagram (you can follow me if ya want! @mrsalimills)
I love how you can edit the photos you take!
So cool! ;)

I'm only gonna share 2 though that I've taken,
cuz I'll be honest that I haven't posted many hahahahaha

The first one is the adorable jacket Rory's GG got her!
(GG = Great-Grandma = MY grandma ;) Just fyi)
Isn't that SOOO cute?!
I died!
And my parents are going to be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year,
so I'm starting to work on their DVD ;)
Their anniversary isn't until December but let's be honest,
once Rory's here,
I'll have no life or time hahahaha
so I'm getting a head start ;)

If Rory ends up looking like me,
I'm totally gonna have to do a post bout how
similar I look to my mom and then Rory will look to me!
It's kinda insane actually ;)
Sometimes my grandpa can't tell if it's me or my mom in pictures
Grandma knows by the clothes we're wearing hahahaha

Hope I get to see lots more of you guys on Instagram!
And tomorrow I have another Doctor's appointment
so hopefully some new ultrasounds will be coming up soon!! ;)

P.S. Maternity photos yay or nay?
I'm not sure about them.....thoughts??


  1. That is neat that you and your mom look so similar! My parents just celebrated 25 years. Good luck to you making your parent's powerpoint!

  2. YES! Do maternity pictures!!! For serious. Which part of AZ are you in?
    And that little jacket is so cute!! :)

  3. Yay for Instagram! I'm so pumped they got it for Android too! :) What a sweet little jacket!!!

  4. Rory's jacket is SO cute! :] Yay for fun baby gifts! And I want to see more of your parents' pictures! It's so fun to see old ictures! I swear your parents' wedding pictures look just like some of my parents' pictures. Particularly the one on the right in the middle. SO Similar it's a little scary! Although my dad's suit wasn't all white. But other than that same decorations and our mom's dresses look similar I think! Funny! And it will be so fun to see how your little lady looks! She'll be adorable!


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