11 April 2012


Sorry I've been a little MIA lately....it's been kinda crazy around here.
But I wanted to show you some pictures that will help describe my life lately ;)

The date we went on today ;)
SouperSalad is one of our favorite places to go ;)

For the record, this was already half gone
by the time I got to it mmmk??

This print was totally staring at us the whole
time while we were eating.....
super creepy y'all, do you see the cherry peeping over the pie tin??

What I'm considering getting for baby girl and me ;)
But in the blue print you can kinda see in the corner,
it's a huge bag and can fit all sorts of stuff in it ;)

I had to put this on here,
I guessed this regardless of it looking like a duck with one arm
hahahahaha ;)
Andrew and I do enjoy drawing stuff for each other ;)

Also, question for all you Instagram peeps,
how do you post a frame with multiple pictures??
Do you know what I mean??
Like this:

 I'm dying to know how!
So smart people, HELP ME! ;)

Hopefully I'll have more fun stuff to post soon,
as soon as more fun things start happening ;)


  1. Diptic or Frametastic. They cost a few dollars but they are so worth it!

  2. Funnn!!! And that print was super awkward!! Hahah.

  3. lol I saw the pic of the banana print, and I was like....uh, why is she showing us this? Please tell me she didn't buy such a creepy print! lol and then I read your commentary and let out a relieved sigh!! hahahaha

  4. Ooh! I'd like to know about the Instagram collage too! If you find out let me know! :)

  5. ha, that print! makes me so uncomfortable.


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