08 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
I hope you all enjoy the familt time today and remember why we celebrate this holiday ;)
NO not bunnies, chicks, or chocolate.
But out loving Savior who died for us and now lives for us.

I'll be spending my Easter with 
our adorable Primary kids,
then our family dinner.

I know my Redeemer lives!
I know He loves me and knows me by name.
I have felt His love for me and I know He watches over me.
I know He also forgives me for my faults,
of which there are many.
He is always there to listen and comfort in times of need.
I love my Savior.
I'm looking forward to the day that I can meet Him
face to face after laboring hard in this life
and hear Him say
"Well done" and receive a hug from my Elder Brother.

If I could ask one small favor of my readers,
my GG had to have hip replacement surgery the other day.
She had broken her hip and hadn't known it
until they took her to the hospital.
She's disoriented and doesn't really remember much at all.
If you all would just keep her in your thoughts.
If this is her time to go,
that she will go peacefully and happily without pain.
Or if she needs to stay a bit longer,
that her pain will be lessened and
that she'll be comforted to know her Savior is near.
I would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Easter and Christ lives!


  1. Happy Easter! I will pray for her. I'm spending my day the same way, and I love it :)

  2. Hope you and Andrew had a wonderful Easter, Ali!
    And your GG is still in my prayers!

  3. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!!!


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