05 April 2012

Dr Appointment

So yesterday my mom went with me to my dr appointment ;)
It was really nice having her with me just for support 
and just in case something crazy comes up ;)
Unfortunately no new ultrasounds
(we're basically done with those) 
and now I get to start going in every 2 weeks
instead of 4!

Do y'all realize what this means???
It means I'm so close to holding my little firecracker!
I dreamed last night about 
our little Peanut ;)
She was gorgeous (of course)
and smiling already ;)
I woke up with tears in my eyes,
but happy tears just knowing how close this dream is to reality ;)
Andrew and I are so excited to become parents
and start our little family!
And just for the record, we are not gonna be one of those families
that name their kids with the same letter names or anything.
(Cuz right now, we're basically AAA hahahahaha)

Now back to my mom.
She's such a great support for me ;)
She's very calm which will help me when I'm in labor,
and she and I are very similar
so I figure anything she can handle I can handle
and I feel much better after talking some specifics with her ;)
And Rory loves her grandma already ;)
She'll kick (sometimes) when my mom talks to her hahahaha
I'm so grateful for a loving mom that teases me and keeps
me grounded and calm when I start freaking out ;)

Also last night Andrew and I went to my grandparents house
for dinner and a game ;)
It was so fun and the game was so easy!
I still stayed in my customary last place position
but in my mind I was winning hahahaha ;)
And the best part was that my grandma finally felt Little Miss kick ;)
Rory had been kinda quiet all day long
but she decided to perform for her GG ;)

On a different note,
I would like to ask you guys for your thoughts and prayers
for MY GG.
She's 88 and deteriorating fast.....
she's might not make it to see my daughter born.
And it's ok.
If it's time for her to go, it's time ya know?
I'm asking for your prayers to be with her that she'll have peace
and that if the Lord wants her home,
He'll take her home soon so her suffering will be over.
We're going to visit her tomorrow,
possibly to have to say goodbye...
so just send some good vibes our way if you would ;)
Thank you!


  1. Aww, ali.
    Your family will be in my prayers! Love ya, girly!

  2. I definitely will keep your gg in my prayers! It's so nice that your mom is able to go to those appts with you!

  3. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way girl! You know my take on that... At least if she doesn't get to see her here on earth, she'll get to see her before she leaves heaven to become your daughter. ;)


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