29 April 2012

Baby Shower Preview!

So yesterday my mom and grandma threw my baby shower ;)
It was so fun!!
I loved everything from the decorations and food to the great company that came ;)

I'm gonna give you a sneak peek
(I'll wait to do a full thing about it once I get the pictures back from my mom)

Isn't it cute?!
The light is a rotating Princess light my mom then gave me for her room ;)
Now there's one gift I wanted to share with y'all right now!
Now my grandma got us a crib and a pak 'n' play
and then our friend Nancy got us this:

The Disney Princess Royal Ride Travel System!
As in carseat and stroller combo! ;)
It's adorable and I love it!
Here are some close-ups!

See the Princess??
Yes it's Cinderella but honestly,
it's super cool!

Rory also got some amazing clothes,
a diaper bag,
boppy pillow covers,
and my grandma gave us this little treasure ;)

A diaper baby!
Isn't it great?!
I'm so grateful for the ladies that came to support me and baby girl,
and my mom and grandma for throwing the shower for me ;)

And I'll post more pictures after I get them from my mama
(yes I realize I already said this but I felt it necessary to repeat)



  1. Sounds like you got lots of cute stuff! How fun :)

  2. AHHH. I still love all the baby cuteness!
    And that stroller is AWESOME!!

  3. Yay for baby showers! :] You got so much good stuff! I can't wait to have my baby shower! Haha. And that stroller is awesome!

  4. Ahhhhh such a cute shower! I love the princess theme that stroller is awesome too!!! ;) yay for babies.


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