20 April 2012

32 Weeks

I can't believe I've hit 32 weeks already!
I mean I could go into labor as soon as 3 weeks ish!
Let's hope she's more of an on-time baby than a 
crazy late bloomer like her mommy and daddy!
Like I have any control I know
but still it would be great timing if she came on time
(or even a week early)
We have West Side Story this summer after all
for AYT and I've got stuff to do for it hahahaha ;)
Plus I really want to meet her!! 
I'm slightly impatient.........and by slightly I mean extremely ;)

New dress,
refreshed hairs (a little more color and a trim)
and my gameboy cover ;)

How far along: 32 weeks! Almost there!
Maternity clothes: Oh yes ;) And they are SOO comfy
Stretch marks: Heavens yes hahaha, and they're getting more prominent!
Sleep: Yeah I get some hahahaha but I wake up about every
hour or two to pee or at least shift around to make Rory more comfy
Best Moment This Week: discovering that the pain I was feeling
had nothing to do with the baby therefore I could stop worrying
AS MUCH as I had been. 
And having my family come to my rescue when I was too proud to ask ;)
Movement: Constantly hahaha she doesn't sleep very often
Food cravings: Only for orange soda/slushies
but now I have to back off of those so I don't get another kidney stone :(
I know sad right?
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really,
although Pei Wei did NOT sit well with me.
But let's be honest here, Chinese rarely does sit well.
Belly button in or out: In but getting close to poppin out ;)
Nice and weird to me hahaha
Wedding rings on or off: Off :(
Gender: GIRL!!
Happy or moody: Happy. 
Though I am easily irritated and then it fizzles out quickly also
Weekly Wisdom: Um....I'm gonna write wisdom here that I have a hard time
with actually doing hahahha
Having baby's room semi-organized - ya know like
the closet's done, crib's built, but I haven't really done much else.
And to be honest again.....the closet needs some work still...
Nicknames: Rory, Little Miss, Princess, Peanut, Stinker ;)
Looking forward to: actually meeting Little Miss ;)
It's getting closer and closer and after listening to her heartbeat for half an hour
at the hospital on Tuesday night all I can think about
is holding that little crazy in my arms and snuggle her ;)


  1. Have I told you how much I love the name Rory? [And Gilmore Girls?!] I approve wholeheartedly. And why can't you drink orange soda/slushies now? Do they make kidney stones worse??

  2. You are so freakin' cute! And I fel your pain - I've had a ton of kidney stones - they're awful. I'm sure they're like 2394793829 times worse with a kid in your bellay though!!
    Can't wait to see little Rory make her appearance!!


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